How to translate any text or web quickly on iOS and Android

translate-smartphoneBeing able to translate any website or text you find online is something necessary for many, it may also be for you. It doesn’t matter if you speak or don’t speak that language, sometimes doubts arise and having a translator at hand is useful. If you want to know how to translate texts quickly on Android or iOS , we will show you how to do it.

Translate websites quickly on iOS and Android

Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Deepl, … there are many online options we have to translate any type of text. We can even use the microphone of the device to record audio and after transcription we read the translation. This for conversations when traveling can also be very practical.

Even so, it is usual to use the translator while reading content on the internet. So, so as not to have to copy and paste texts from one side to another, let’s see how to do it more quickly and from the web where we are.

Depending on the operating system you use and the integration of some applications you will have one or other options, but basically all are identical. We are going to focus on the two most efficient in our opinion for each system.

Translate texts on Android

Traducir texto Android

If you use Android and have Google Translate you already have everything you need so that we consider it the best possible combination. Thus, just make a selection of text on the web you are visiting and a menu will appear that along with the classic copy options will also give you the option to translate.

Traductor de Google

When you click on it the text goes to Google Translate and a floating window opens with the translation. In this window you can modify both the input and output language, in case the automatic detection is not good or you want to see how it would be read in another language.

It’s that easy and simple to translate text on Android without leaving the website you are visiting. So when you close that floating window you can continue reading normally.

If by any chance you want to translate the entire website or that any website that is in another language is automatically translated into your native language, for example Spanish, you can also do it. To do this, in Chrome go to More (icon with three dots), click on Translate and you will see that it automatically goes to your language. If you then click on the More icon in the lower bar that appears on the screen you can adjust other parameters such as Always translate the pages in English among other options.

Translate texts on iOS

Traducir texto iOS

In the case of iOS devices everything is very similar, although here you can also take advantage of the shortcuts to obtain these translations and other additional options. Although we can use different applications and services, we will opt for the Microsoft Translator .

Once the application is installed, when you select a text on a website you will have to give the option to share that appears in the floating menu. Within this menu look for the option of Translate or Translate that you will see, if not, edit the actions.

When you give it, in a similar way to Android, a floating window will appear with the text and you can click on the button with the arrow at the bottom to see what it says in the language you have set by default. If you want to change to another, you can also do it.

Atajo traducción iOS

This is the quick and easy option that iOS offers by default after installing the Microsoft application. But thanks to the use of Shortcuts you can complicate everything you want. For example, to copy a text, launch the shortcut and have it translated, copy and paste into another application to be edited as you wish. As they say, with the iOS Shortcuts the limitations are practically placed by the user and their desire to investigate what they are capable of offering.

In the Gallery of shortcuts you can find some that later, if you want and cheer up, you can also modify it to adapt it to your specific needs.