Lenovo Smartwatch E1 Discount: Buy it for Less than 30 Euros

Smartwatch-Lenovo-E1You may be thinking of buying a smartwatch , or giving it to someone, and you do not want to spend a lot of money … but for that reason the idea is not to have to give up the usual uses that allow these wearable accessories. Well, a good option is the Lenovo E1 model that is currently on sale with a discount that is really powerful.

This procuro arrives with a 1.33-inch rectangular color screen , so that in the outside you get a good use of this smart watch , and without a doubt one of the great attractions that this device offers is that its autonomy is of the widest, since you can get up to 10 days of use with having to recharge it since its energy consumption is reduced and, therefore, its 180 mAh battery is more than enough to get an excellent experience of use in this section .

When it comes to recognizing the sports practices that are carried out, the options offered by Lenovo E1 are seven, among which there is no lack of cycling; walk; or practice running. All this is achieved due to the fact that a good number of sensors are included, among which there is no lack of the heart rate itself or a gyroscope that makes it possible to track the sleep. By the way, this model allows you to use GPS positioning , so it can be used as pedometers, which is sure to like those who usually go out to exercise. By the way, this accessory does not lack IP67 protection , so sweat and rain are no problem.

Diseño del smartwatch Lenovo E1

Usage options offered by Lenovo E1

To start, by synchronizing this accessory to a smartphone via Bluetooth , either iOS or Android, you can see the notifications that arrive at the terminal so you are always informed of what is happening and, this, you can avoid in those of an occasion that you have to look at the phone for something that is not especially important. With a simple manipulation to manage the actions, through the use of the touch screen, something that attracts attention is that, with the use of the control application, you can control music playback and also take photos remotely .

Practicar deporte con Lenovo E1

Finished in metal and with interchangeable straps, the Lenovo E1 smartwatch includes the Spanish language among those that it offers natively (it is not possible to install additional, as well as applications since its operating system is proprietary), so we have problems of use . A curious detail is that in the development of management it is possible to perform striking and unusual actions, such as being able to modify the position of the watch face or the date in the user interface.

Buy this smart watch at Gearbest

It is in this online store that the offer is located at 40% , which allows its price to be below 30 euros, a more than reasonable amount for what it offers. We leave now the purchase link for those who believe that with this model you have more than enough for your day to day, since it lacks almost nothing.