TOR Browser: what you should know if you use it for the first time

Among all the browsers that we have available, one of the most popular is TOR Browser . It is well known for protecting the privacy and security of users. However, it is always advisable to really know how it works, what it can contribute to us and why it is really interesting to use it. We are going to talk in this article about the basic points to know when using this browser.

Everything essential to know about TOR Browser

TOR Browser: what you should know

When using any program, it is convenient to really know how it works, but especially when it comes to a tool that can provide security. It is necessary to know at all times how you could protect us and not have a false security that could turn against us. That is why we want to explain the essentials of TOR Browser operation .

It does not protect like an antivirus

The first thing to keep in mind is that TOR Browser will not prevent viruses from entering or from being victims of many types of security attacks when browsing. This is essential, as it can give a false sense of security that does not really exist.

For example, this browser will not prevent us from entering a Phishing page where they trick us and steal the password. It’s also not going to prevent us from mistakenly downloading a malicious file or installing a rogue program. Yes, it will help maintain privacy by hiding certain data when browsing.

It serves to hide data and improve privacy

This is precisely what we mentioned is one of the strengths of TOR Browser. It is a privacy- oriented browser, to allow us to browse anonymously, without leaking information such as location, IP address, etc. It is an alternative to hiding the location when browsing with Chrome, for example.

Therefore, in this sense, we must know that this browser will be very useful to protect personal information and run less risk when browsing the Internet.

Is slow

Another point to keep in mind when using TOR Browser is that it will run slower than any other browser. And this is normal. We are browsing through nodes, which are the ones that will provide that privacy that we mentioned.

If what you are looking for is to navigate with good speed, this browser is not yours. You should know this before you start using it as your main browser and see that it works badly or you cannot download files at the speed that you did before.

Tor Browser ya está disponible para Android

Compatible with a VPN, but not recommended

Can we use TOR Browser at the same time we use a VPN ? The truth is that yes, we can use both programs on our computer and surf the Internet. Now, you have to know that it is not recommended and that we can have problems.

We have already seen that this browser will work slower than others. But also, if we put it together with a VPN, that slowness is going to be much greater. We can even have serious problems in many cases to be able to navigate. We can suffer cuts, failures when downloading, etc.

Works on computer and mobile

This is something that some users may not be aware of. The normal thing is that we use TOR on the computer, but we can also install it on our mobile and navigate from this type of device and thus take advantage of its advantages.

Of course, you have to know that at the moment it is only available for Android. If we want to use it on the mobile we will have to have this operating system.

In short, these are some of the main points that we must know about TOR Browser. It is an interesting browser, but it also has its limitations and complications that should be kept in mind at all times.