Top Portable Solar Batteries for Summer 2024: Stay Charged Anywhere

Despite the fact that technology is developing very fast, some of the innovations are still not well recognized although they have a great potential to save us from troubles. A typical example of such an innovation is the portable battery, and more specifically those that can be charged with solar power.

Perfect for the sunny summers, these powerbanks make sure that your devices are always on while you don’t have to depend entirely on the traditional electricity sources. Whether you are camping, hiking or just resting on the beach a solar-charging powerbank is essential for all these activities. Here are the most suitable choices for you to charge your gadgets this summer.


Recommended Portable Solar Batteries

1. Wow, MVP 20,000 mAh Portable Battery

Price: €19. 99

WOWMVP 20,000 mAh is the cheapest solar charger available in the market. It is waterproof which makes it great for the outdoor activities and can charge many devices through USB-C input. It has three output ports and two input ports which makes it very flexible for different devices. Its small size makes it a perfect travel companion. Just put it under the sun and let its solar panels do their job.

Pros: The work is affordable, waterproof and has multiple ports.

Cons: The mAh capacity is only 20,000.


2. TOENNESEN 20,000 mAh Solar Powerbank

Price: €20. 99

Just like the WOWMVP, TOENNESEN 20,000 mAh powerbank is a bit pricier but has an eye-catching design with blue accents which makes it easier to find in low light conditions. It has the same capability and number of ports as the WOWMVP, which guarantees smooth operation for your devices.

Pros: Attractive design, affordable.

Cons: Less ratings than other models.


3. Sckolaink 32,000 mAh Solar Charger.

Price: €49. 99

The Sckolaink solar charger has a huge 32,000 mAh capacity which is enough to charge your phone several times. Notwithstanding its bigger storage, it is still a portable device and has four built-in cables that can be used for both Android and iPhone devices. Besides, it has a strong flashlight which makes it suitable for any outdoor activity.

Pros: Large capacity, integrated cables, bright flashlight.

Cons: It is heavier than the other models with lower capacity.


4. Jack 50,000 mAh solar power station

Price: €109. 90

For the most serious of outdoor freaks, the Jack 50,000 mAh solar power station is a superpower. The 65W power makes it possible to charge mobile devices fast. This power station is perfect for camping, it has enough juice to keep multiple devices charged for a long time. This model has a big solar panel that can be unfolded to more than a meter in length, thus ensuring the efficient charging of the solar energy.

Pros: The solar panel is very big, the charging time is short and also it has a high capacity.

Cons: The price is higher and the space for solar panel deployment increases.


Portable solar batteries are a must-have for all who want to spend their summer holidays in the wild. If you want a solar charger which is affordable like the WOWMVP or if you need one with high-capacity power station such as Jack 50,000 mAh, there is a variety of sunbooster for your needs. These gadgets are not only charging your phones and tablets, but also using the sun power which is very abundant making them a great fit for sunny days.