Play Classic PSP and Nintendo Games on iPhone: PPSSPP and RetroArch Now Available

The Apple App Store has just got two important emulators which are now available for iPhone and iPad users, thus making the gaming possibilities of these devices more exciting. The recently released PPSSPP and RetroArch emulators enable you to play the classic games from Sony PSP and various old consoles, utilizing the powerful hardware of Apple devices.

PPSSPP: Introducing PSP Games into iOS

PPSSPP is a software which allows users to play the old Sony PSP games on their iPhones and iPads. The app, which was created by Henrik Rydgård during the last ten years, has officially been launched on May 15. This emulator is exploiting the high performance of iOS devices to run most PSP games very efficiently.

Availability: The app is now being rolled out, so it may not be in the search results yet. You can access it directly through a given link.

Requirements: Is compatible with the devices that have iOS 12 or later for iPhones and iPadOS.

Cost: Free with an optional paid version to help the developer.


Runs a lot of PSP games at the maximum speed.

No games included; users must convert their own PSP games to . ISO or . CSO files.

Missing features at launch: Vulkan is supported through MoltenVK, Magic Keyboard or iPad Keyboard and RetroAchievements thanks to the JIT compiler.

RetroArch: A Portal to Nintendo and Others

RetroArch is one more strong emulator that has been brought to the Apple ecosystem. Famous for its flexibility, RetroArch can be used with a variety of retro consoles such as Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, NEC,Nintendo DS Game Boy NES SNES Sharp Sega and even PSP. It is now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and has been on macOS.


Controller Support: The PlayStation or Xbox controllers can be connected via Bluetooth.

Reward System: It encourages the players by giving them achievements.

Open Source: It is free to download and use.

Just like PPSSPP, RetroArch does not have the game files in it. A user has to download his or her own game thus, making sure that he/she abides by the legal rules for emulator use and copyright-protected software.


Thanks to PPSSPP and RetroArch, iOS users can now play many classic games from the PSP, Nintendo, and other old consoles. These emulators are the most popular among Apple devices lovers because of their powerful gaming experience, so they should be in every retro gamer’s list to download.