Does it Make Sense to Buy a 4G Mobile or Better a 5G Mobile?

It is undeniable that we are facing a very relevant technological leap, 5G technology begins to have a great presence in Spain and the expected deployment is being fulfilled in the main operators. But beyond this, the main tool to take advantage of 5G technology is the mobile phone, which led us to ask ourselves many questions, such as whether it is still a wise decision to buy a 4G mobile with 2021 already on top of us.

To try to answer the questions, we have to ask ourselves many things and we are going to try to answer them. We are the type of users we are, sooner or later 5G technology will knock on our door and improvements will be necessary to take advantage of all that it promises. If in 2020 we have seen many models with 5G, those that will come in 2021 will be even many more.

Reasons to keep buying 4G mobiles

When it comes time to buy a new mobile, either for ourselves or to give as gifts, we must bear in mind several reasons that will make us choose a 4G mobile rather than one with 5G . There are cases and circumstances to think that 4G mobiles are still a good option and among them we find very relevant and indispensable reasons that we show you:

movil 4g mano

  • We do not live in a big city and 5G will take time to reach where we live.
  • We renew the mobile approximately every year.
  • Our budget is limited.

The place where we spend the most time will be very important, since the main cities in Spain and larger towns will be those that in 2020 have access to 5G or that in 2021 will receive it. It will also be very relevant to take into account how often we usually change mobile, since if we still do not have 5G in the place where we live, perhaps we can save money and in the next generation of mobile phones that we buy, then we can take the leap to take advantage of it. .

The budget of course, as we have already mentioned, is somewhat drastic when thinking about choosing a 4G mobile , since the price difference is still very considerable and we find models like the Galaxy S20 with both options and a price difference that we must look at a lot.

Reasons that lead us to only think about mobiles with 5G

There is no doubt that the improvements in speed, coverage within homes and buildings, as well as the interconnection with other devices, are more than enough reasons to trust that 5G can bring many changes for the better in our daily lives. But to finish deciding, we must assess, as we have done before, if a 5G mobile is a better purchase than a 4G mobile in our case, for the following reasons:

movil samsung mano 5g

  • In the city or town where we live, 5G already works.
  • We want the mobile to last us a long time.
  • We use mobile every day and we need the best speed.
  • We can afford to invest more in a mobile with 5G.

If we already have the possibility of enjoying 5G where we live, we can quickly consider opting for a 5G mobile to enjoy all its advantages, especially if we already need a new mobile and we think about having it long enough to amortize the investment that 5G entails, so we will not be left behind in technology in a few months.

In addition, we must value the use we make of the mobile, it is not needed by a user who takes advantage of it every day, compared to another who does not use it all day. We will also have to take a look at 5G mobiles , to see if there are any options that fall into the budget and if this will not be a problem.

Conclusions: what technology should I choose?

Finally, we want to invite you to draw your own conclusions, in this case we cannot decide for you, but we have enough arguments to make the right purchase, whether we think that 4G technology in mobile phones is still a good decision or 5G. you have your moment here. We are in the middle of a change and we can choose to go one step ahead or stay one step behind.