How to Activate and What is Easy Touch on Android

As our terminal has more and more options, the need to have many of them, as close to hand as possible, becomes latent. For example, the quick actions bar was born to avoid having to activate many of them from the settings menu. However, there are more methods to have even more options at your fingertips, which Android and the different layers are gradually integrating.

The shortcuts and even the widgets themselves, have always been born of the need to simplify the way in which we access certain applications or their functions. However, many manufacturers such as Realme, Vivo, OPPO and others, have integrated the so-called “Easy Touch” or “Assistive Touch” into their layers . We are facing a small menu that is hidden on the sides of our mobile , and it can appear at any desired time to provide us with options and adjustments quickly and wherever we are, even within games and other applications. This function is not found natively on some mobiles, if it is offered in the form of an app, available in the Google Play market, with dozens of different options.

toque facil android

Activate the function

In order to activate the option, we will have to go to the Settings menu and enter the Shortcuts and accessibility section. Once inside, we can see the option dedicated to Easy Touch.

toque facil en android

Once inside, we will see all the configuration options of the function. We will have at our disposal several options, including changing the Easy Touch design, which can vary from a simple point to different more colorful designs. However, the important thing is the customization of the menu that will appear , when we slide the easy touch from the sides of the screen. In this sense, we can choose which applications or functions will be available within this function, but also aspects such as its level of transparency.

toque facil en android

In addition, among the available options, we have two boxes that will allow us to automatically hide the Easy Touch when we are in a full screen application, that is, when we are watching a movie, series or YouTube video. On the other hand, we can also choose to hide it after three seconds of inactivity. Once we have configured all the options to our liking, we will see the function in the corner of the screen and we will only have to drag it out to access the functions. In addition, we can drag it higher or lower, to place it in the place that least bothers us.