Tivify: what is it, its free version, compatible devices and plans


Accustomed to Netflix, HBO Max and Disney +, the television channels of a lifetime usually stay on the television at home when we go out or go on a trip. There are ways to view television channels with some payment services such as Movistar Plus, Orange TV and others. However, the easiest way to do it from a mobile phone —or a TV that doesn’t have an antenna, or has trouble tuning— is Tivify .

What is Tivify?


Tivify is a service that allows us to view television channels on a mobile device, or a television through the Internet . It may seem like a service that is not as useful as other alternatives on the market. However, such a service is not crazy. Nowadays, we use our mobile phones for everything except making calls. And something similar is happening with smart TVs.

Watching television over the internet has been possible for years thanks to IPTV lists, but with Tivify, you will be able to do it very easily. Tivify has more than 80 channels that we will be able to view comfortably from its platform.

What does Tivify offer?

The Tivify service has all these features :


tv sin limites canales.jpg

Tivify has a catalog of more than 80 television channels that we can watch live through any smart TV, mobile phone or tablet. Almost all general channels can be seen without going through the box. In fact, you don’t need to register to start playback.

Many of the channels that we can see on DTT are included in this block, also highlighting the regional channels .

Premium Channels

Premium channels are those that are only accessible through paid memberships . There are general channels that can only be seen if we make the payment. On the other hand, there are also several international channels that we will be able to watch comfortably.

A la carte programs – Last 7 days

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If you have missed something, you can watch it on a delayed basis thanks to this platform. For a week, you will be able to rewatch that program that you missed and that everyone has told you was interesting, or that episode of the series that you skipped and that is key to continuing to understand the plot.

This function is included in the Tivify payment plans. However, you can see some content for free if it comes from public channels, as is the case with La 1.

Tivify Plans

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Tivify has three different plans . The previous varies fundamentally by the amount of content that we are going to be able to access. The service can be paid monthly, or directly annually. This last modality allows you to benefit from a small saving.

Tivify Free

This modality is completely free . In fact, to be able to enjoy it, it is not even necessary to register on the platform.

The free version of this service allows viewing a total of 80 open television channels . All that are considered ‘premium channels’ are not available with this membership.

Tivify Free allows you to link a total of three devices , and you can view only one stream per account simultaneously. You can view content that has been created in the last seven days, although the recordings will be limited only to RTVE and regional channels. Recordings (limited to those same public channels) will be available for 30 days.

Tivify Plus

This plan maintains the more than 80 open television channels, and also supports six premium thematic channels .
We can link a total of five devices to our account , and it is possible to use the service with two screens simultaneously.

The Plus plan gives us the possibility of accessing the content generated in the last 7 days on authorized channels . Recordings will be kept for a maximum of 90 days.

This membership is only available on an annual plan. It is worth 23.88 euros per year , which is equivalent to about 1.99 euros each month .

Tivify Premium

This is the most complete Tivify plan. It is practically identical to the Plus, but it goes from 6 to 15 premium channels . Other than that, it remains the same. Five linked devices, two simultaneous screens, recordings for 90 days and unlimited access to content from the last 7 days.

If we pay it every month, Tivify Premium costs 7.99 euros . However, if we prefer the annual payment option, the price will go to 71.88 euros , which is equivalent to paying 5.99 euros every month. This mode can be tested for free for 7 days. All you have to do is check the ‘Tivify Trial Premium’ option at the time of registration.

Compatible devices

There is a Tivify app for just about every device.

Tivify from PC or Mac

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To access the channels and programs hosted on Tivify, you just have to go to tivify.tv from your preferred web browser.

Mobile phones

You can view the content on both Android phones and tablets. In addition, devices with the Google system can benefit from the ability to send streaming directly from the mobile to a Chromecast or a television that supports this technology.

Regarding Apple devices, the Tivify application is available for both iPhone and iPad in the App Store. The app can be installed on any device running iOS 12 or higher.

Amazon FireTV

If you have an Amazon Fire TV device, you can download the app from the Amazon AppStore . This will be especially useful if you have difficulty tuning some channels at home, or in the event that you have a television in an isolated area of the house and you cannot connect the antenna cable to it.

LG SmartTV

The Tivify app is available for LG Smart TVs starting with webOS 4.0.

Samsung SmartTV

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If you have a Korean brand TV, the Tivify app is compatible with models from 2017 onwards.

Other Android TV and Google TV devices

If you have a television with an Android TV or Google TV system, you can also access the native Tivify app. You have it in the Google Play Store , and you can install it on any dongle , set-top box or television that has one of these operating systems.

The requirement is that the Smart TV or playback device has Android 8 or later.