Tivify incorporates a new free series channel: it already has more than 160 in total

Tivify incorporates a new free series channel

We are already beginning to get used to the fact that Tivify frequently surprises us with the addition of a new free channel. At the beginning of the month, Nature Time was released on dial 61 of the platform and to close the month of February they added another, dedicated entirely to the series.

With the latest addition, the Turkish soap opera channel Vive Kanal D Drama, the streaming platform already has 20 free channels dedicated to series and/or movies.

Turkish soap opera channel comes to Tivify

Those who are registered with Tivify in any of their plans, including the free subscription , will be able to see the announcement of the new addition to the Tivify dial list from the initial menu.

Kanal D Drama

Specifically , on dial 27 we can see that Vive Kanal D Drama appears . It is about offering a wide selection of the most successful and surprising Turkish dramas, which arrive fully dubbed into Spanish and with a great diversity of genres such as romance, action, youth and family drama.

Some of the soap operas currently on the air are Turkish dramas like Gumus, an updated version of the Cinderella tale; Asya, a young orphan and heiress to a great fortune who fights for her love; My Last Wish, where Lale discovers that she has a serious illness and before dying she looks for another woman to replace her as mother and wife; and The Rebel Lady, set in the 50s, which tells the story of Güllü, a woman forced to marry a man she doesn’t love.

The Spanish public loves Turkish drama . Thanks to the selection of quality content, Vive Kanal D Drama satisfies the demand of the Spanish audience. We are delighted to have expanded the distribution of Vive Kanal D Drama in Spain, allowing us to reach more than 3 million homes. These latest launches are a new milestone for Thema and represent our initiative to expand the global footprint of our FASTs and become a key distributor in the Fast distribution market”, said Séverine Garusso, EMEA Distribution Director of Thema, the company of the Canal+ Group that distributes the channel.

More than 160 channels on Tivify

With the inclusion of this Turkish series channel, Tivify not only compares itself to other FAST television services such as Samsung TV+ and Rakuten TV, which already had Vive Kanal D Drama, but also continues to expand its channel offer, the vast majority of which are free. .

Kanal D Drama

This free modality allows us to restart and control programs, as well as 60 hours of recordings that will be available for 30 days. We can only watch with this plan on one device simultaneously, although we can register three of them.

In addition to Tivify Free, with an offer that already exceeds 160 free channels , it also has the Tivify Plus plan (0.99 euros per month), which includes more channels and features; and the Tivify Premium plan (7.99 euros per month or 69.95 euros per year), with a wide selection of premium channels, more space for recordings, and the ability to play content on two devices at the same time.

Tivify Plus , in its annual subscription, has a cost of 9.99 euros per year, so you save two monthly payments. In essence it is quite similar to the free plan, since it also has advertising, but it differs in that it includes the seven Mediaset channels (Telecinco, Cuatro, Energy, BeMad, FDF, Divinity and Boing), allows you to record up to 150 hours of content and also dial sorting and playback on Chromecast.

Finally, the Premium plan has a cost of 71.88 euros for a full year if you make the annual subscription directly, and with it we will have access to 11 Premium channels that are only available in this package (AXN, AXN White, TNT, TCM, Calle 13, SYFY, Mezzo, Mezzo Live HD, CNN and the adult channels Hustler and Private), we will be able to record up to 350 hours of content available for 90 days and we will have the possibility of playing content on two devices simultaneously. This mode has no advertising.