10 things you should know before buying on AliExpress

There are many online stores that allow us to buy all kinds of products. And it is that we not only have Amazon as a reference, but we also find AliExpress, another of the largest online sales platforms in the world. In it, we can find any kind of product and at a reduced price on many occasions.

However, when making any purchase on AliExpress, it is advisable to have a series of basic notions to buy on this platform and avoid any type of problem, especially the well-known scams or fake products that we can find in this online store. What is certain is that it is one of the best alternatives to buy cheaper in Spain .

10 things you should know before buying on AliExpress

Tips before buying on AliExpress

Taking all of the above into account, and seeing the growth that online sales have had in recent years, as well as the AliExpress store in Spain, it is important to know these 10 tips, tricks or recommendations that will help you buy on this platform without that you can get the wrong product, so as not to fall into the scammers’ trap…

  • Look at the opinions of other buyers

One of the most important first points is to know the opinions of the product that we are going to buy in AliExpress. To do this, it is as simple as clicking on the ‘ Evaluations ‘ button, so that it takes us directly to the comments of the buyers, together with the score they have given to the product . And not only do you have to look at the positive comments, but also the negative ones. In this way, you will be able to find out if it is really how they promise and if it is the device or product you want.

  • Check the price in other sellers

Another of the tips that you should take into account before buying in this online store is to compare the price of the product . More than anything, because maybe they are making it cheaper than expected for some reason or, on the contrary, it is more expensive than in other sellers. For this reason, it is better to look for other options before staying with the first one you have found.

  • The store’s valuation

We not only have to look at the evaluation or opinions of the products, we also have to take a look at the score that the seller has . The higher it is, the more trustworthy the seller will be. In addition, another of the points that will give us confidence is the Top Brand badge that AliExpress adds to different sellers. The platform puts this badge on those sellers who have quality products, with very good ratings and whose service is good.

Marca Top AliExpress

  • Beware of cloned or similarly named products

Within this online store, we also find scammers who are dedicated to deceiving users. For this reason, you have to be careful with imitation products. We can from clothing from popular brands to electronic devices that are clones . That is why you have to add the above tips to avoid falling into the trap at any time.

  • Payment method

Within the online store we can now find different payment methods in Spain: credit card, Bizum, PayPal or Apple Pay . They even offer us the possibility of paying in 3 installments through PayPal. But, without a doubt, the Paypal option is the most recommended, since if you do not receive the product, you can claim the money directly from this platform if the seller refuses to return it to you.

  • Shipping costs

In this case, things can vary a lot depending on whether the product we are going to order is in Spain, comes from another country or directly from China. Therefore, we will have to look at whether they include shipping costs or if they are very high. Like the shipping time will not be the same. If the product is in Spain, delivery is usually within 72 hours. But, if it is from another country, the shipping time will be longer.

  • coupons and discounts

Within this online store there are the famous coupons. To be more exact, they are discount codes that we can apply to products to get a cheaper product . We find three types: AliExpress coupon, selection coupon and seller coupon. The latter are the coupons provided by the sellers themselves, so we must look at the images of the products, since they will normally appear there. However, when paying for the product, the ” Get coupon ” button can also appear, so if we click on it, the discounts that can be applied to the product will appear.

Uso cupón AliExpress

  • The purchase guarantee

In this case, it will also depend on who you bought the product from . For example, if we place an order through Plaza or a local seller with a physical store or registered e-commerce, you will most likely not have problems, since you surely will not have problems, since the guarantee in Spain is 3 years by law .

However, when you buy something very cheap from an Asian seller , you will not have a warranty option. If you have problems with the product, the first thing would be to contact through the chat and see if the seller listens to us. It is possible that you will be refunded in full or in part. Or, on the other hand, they may also ask you to send them the article first. Finally, the worst thing will be that they do not answer you and lose money.

  • Customs

In some cases, the product we want will not be available in AliExpress Spain. Therefore, we will only have to resort to a foreign seller. However, one thing must be valued, and that is that purchases that exceed 150 euros will have to pay the customs fee, in addition to other expenses such as import duties or VAT.

  • How to get a refund

The first thing is to contact the seller to request a refund of the money, since the product is broken, it is not what it seemed in the photo or something similar. But, it will not always be so easy. However, if you still want to recover the money, you have the option of opening a dispute with the seller after seeing that he ignores your request. To do this, you will have to present evidence in the online store to claim the money and win the dispute. Plus, they usually don’t take long to resolve.