Tips and Tricks When Choosing the Best VPN Provider

Until a few years ago, there was a perception that a VPN was necessary only in the event that one wanted to hide from someone or some organization. In other words, not making your online activity visible, especially when it is illegal. However, in these times a virtual private network is essential for a secure use of the internal network, and also the Internet. Today we share with you some considerations that you should keep in mind if you have decided to opt for a VPN.

At the organization level, a VPN is essential for secure use of the network. What makes it effective is the fact that all traffic that is made through this tunnel is only visible to those who have access to said private network. In other words, the Internet cannot see what is happening inside the tunnel. Consequently, there is data privacy and the risk of third parties being able to capture (and decrypt) traffic is much lower. The multiple encryption processes that make the creation of the VPN tunnel possible make it very robust and difficult to decrypt.


We must keep in mind that attackers will always prefer targets or targets that are easy to access. Unfortunately, there are many individual users who do nothing more than give away sensitive personal data.

A frequent case is that of making financial and / or banking transactions through public networks such as those of coffee shops. From this case, the need for the use of a VPN to carry out our online activities in a more secure and private way comes to light.

The disadvantages of using a VPN

Having the complete certainty that you have 100% privacy when navigating through a tunnel is already a great risk. It may be that the provider you have chosen, or the one chosen by your organization, may have access to the collection of your personal data for unspecified reasons.

Although there is a higher level of regulation in this regard, such as the GDPR , there are still organizations such as VPN providers, which are not very transparent in this regard. Due to this great risk, it is very important to know which provider you are going to choose for your daily activities. If you are in charge of the IT security of an organization, make sure that the protection and privacy standards are the highest possible, in addition to verifying that it is a reliable provider.

Another risk you will fall into if you are not careful when choosing a suitable and reliable provider is the potential installation of malicious software. The latter can include malware, keylogger-type software (which captures what we enter on the keyboard) and the display of annoying ads that can lead you to malicious or dubious sites. Remember that, for more good intentions you have to protect your online activity, if you do not take the correct measures, you will end up with greater damages than expected.

Do you need recommendations regarding which VPNs you can install? You can opt for these open source VPNs to set up the VPN servers yourself:

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