Tiny Core Linux 12: News and Download of the New Lightweight Distribution

Tiny Core Linux 12

Tiny Core Linux is one of the most minimalist systems that we can find. This distro is made up mainly of the Linux Kernel , BusyBox (set of Unix utilities packed in a single executable file), FLTK (GUI library) and other minimalist software that, all together, make the system not occupy more than 16 Megabytes .

This entire operating system can be customized with applications, libraries and a long list of resources thanks to its repositories with more than 3200 extensions. This system is so small that, to start up, we need less than 32 MB of RAM , although the recommended requirements are a Pentium 2 and 128 MB of RAM with SWAP to be able to run programs such as the Chromium browser.

Tiny Core Linux y Chromium

Although today we will all have enough power to move a more complete Linux, like Ubuntu, and even Windows 10, Tiny Core Linux is still an excellent option for those who bet on minimalism or want to give an old computer a second life with distros Lightweight Linux. Therefore, its developer continues to work on this distro, releasing a new version, Tiny Core Linux 12 , for its loyal fans.

News and changes

The first of the changes, and probably the most important, is the kernel update. The new Tiny Core Linux 12 comes by default with the Linux Kernel 5.10.3 , a more or less updated version of the kernel that will allow us to have support for the most modern hardware.

The entire busybox software kit, one of the most important parts of this distro, has also been updated. Now, this new distribution comes with version 1.33 of these tools. In addition, it has been patched to be able to load more than 9 extensions (one of the annoying limits of the past) and, in addition, the error “Module has invalid ELF header” that appeared to users in previous versions has been fixed.

The main libraries and dependencies of the distribution have also been updated in order to function as stable as possible. These are:

  • glibc
  • gcc
  • binutils
  • e2fsprogs
  • util-linux

And finally, several changes have been made to the system configuration files, and to the scripts, to guarantee the optimal functioning of the entire system. We can consult the complete list of changes of this system in its forum .

Download Tiny Core Linux 12

This distribution is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. The new ISO images are now available to anyone who wants to download them to install this distro on their PC from the following link .

We must choose the directory of the version that we want to download, enter the “release” folder of said directory and from there download the ISO of this latest version.

Version clarification (Pure64 indicates 64 bits):

  • TinyCore / TinyCorePure64 – Recommended for users new to this distro with a wired connection. It includes the Core base and a graphical interface.
  • Core / CorePure64 – known as Micro Core Linux is a smaller variant of Tiny Core without a graphical environment.
  • Core Plus – An expanded version of Core that includes additional features, such as support for wireless networks and for non-US keyboards.

Some users report that the new TinyCore version 12, upon startup, returns a “libfontenc.so.1 is missing” error . We may have to wait for the developer to upload a new ISO to boot the graphical environment.