TikTok Adds New Tools to Improve Live Shows

TikTok Adds New Tools to Improve Live Shows

When it comes to broadcasting live, TikTok is probably not the best platform despite its current weight in the social media category. That is why its managers may have seen it necessary to add all these new tools to improve live performances.

TikTok for live content

TikTok and its short videos (although lately they already allow a longer duration) are currently the main source of entertainment for millions of users in their day-to-day lives. As we have commented on more than one occasion, it is to enter the platform and feel as if a black hole is absorbing you. Because you know what time you enter, but never what time you will end up leaving.

However, the subject of live shows has never been the platform’s strong suit. It is true that the option has always been there, but in order to make this type of content, most users tend to go to Twitch, another video platform that we already know and that offers interesting options for possible monetization. But they are going to try to reverse this situation with the inclusion of a series of tools that were already partly lacking.

The first and most prominent of the functions is that of events or live broadcasts. Now content creators on TikTok will be able to schedule, manage and promote these videos to have greater control over how they end up being carried out and notifying users interested in watching them.

Another of the new tools is the PiP (Picture in Picture) mode so that when you are in a TikTok live you can continue using your mobile without being cut off. You simply activate this mode of viewing the content and you will be able to perform parallel actions that you need while continuing to listen to what is said on the live.

Related to the creation of live shows, another tool is something that could already be done on Instagram for a long time and was recently improved with a greater number of participants. We refer to the ability to do a live with another person on TikTok. A first step that we will see if its next evolution is to admit more users to it.

As interaction is also important in any social network and even more so in live issues, TikTok also added a space designed to enhance two-way communication. Thus, in this space designed for questions and answers , content creators and their community of users will be able to chat to ask questions or anything else.

For these conversation spaces, TikTok also incorporated the possibility of adding moderators to ensure the proper use of the space, being able, among other things, to manage a list of forbidden words.

Finally, the Discover tab will receive an improvement in terms of the interface to potential these live shows, so that they are more visible and thus users are encouraged both to see them and to create them.

How to direct on TikTok

The way that TikTok live streams work is practically as simple as that of other platforms or social networks. You just have to take into account some aspects, know the steps to take to get off to a good start and if you add accessories to improve the quality of the videos even better.

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