Three reasons why your mobile’s NFC always fails

Three reasons why your mobile's NFC always fails

One of the technologies that we find today in our mobile devices, and it is rare not to see it in all, is the NFC . And it is that, this functionality has gone from less to more over the years, especially since payment with our phones began to be more trend. However, the problems are not left aside when it comes to using this technology.

It is clear that this chip that makes up most of today’s smartphones has evolved a lot. But, this does not mean that we find ourselves in some moments when paying with the phone becomes an odyssey. For this reason, it is time to see what are the three reasons that are usually the ones that cause the most failure when making a payment with our mobile device.

Why doesn’t mobile payment always work?

At some point or another, payments with the NFC will fail, luckily, we will find three reasons that are usually the main causes that we cannot pay the first time with our mobile device .

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Blame your phone case

We have seen on many occasions how metal-containing cases can negatively affect the performance of many connections, and NFC is no exception. If we have a metal case or one that contains it, we must remove it and try again, as it could be blocking NFC communication. In case it keeps crashing continuously, the problem may be one of the following examples.

You have not placed your mobile correctly

One of the most important points when making a payment with the phone is that the NFC chip of the phone is aligned with the card reader . Basically because the NFC sensor is located on the back of the mobile, so if the sensor does not respond or has lost sensitivity, we must adjust to put it properly on the dataphone. In addition to that the recommended distance is between 1 and 2 centimeters.

Be careful about saving energy

In some smartphones, when we activate energy saving in our device we are optimizing the use of the phone’s own NFC. So we could be preventing its proper functioning. Although, this case will depend on the software layer of the manufacturer of our terminal, as well as the version of the operating system that we have. In addition, not all brands offer the possibility of optimizing the use of the terminal’s NFC battery.

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Does the mobile’s NFC work without coverage?

The answer is yes and no. To begin with, this will greatly influence the payment service we use on our mobile phone. For example, Google Pay and Appley Pay are capable of working even when we have airplane mode enabled on our mobile device. But why? Basically because we had already linked our credit or debit card with our smartphone. So it will only be necessary for the NFC chip to work , without even having to have access to the Internet or mobile coverage. Of course, it will be necessary that the point of sale or business where we are going to pay does have a connection on its dataphone so that we can pay with the NFC of the phone, because if not, the collection will not be able to be passed on to our Bank.