This trick turns off WiFi when you’re not using it and helps you save electricity

It is possible that we are not always at home and that we already know what hours of the day we are not going to be using the WiFi connection. For this reason, you may be interested in knowing the function that your router hides to configure the hours in which it turns itself off without having to do it manually yourself.

To be more exact, we are referring to programming the router’s WiFi so that it turns off and on by itself when we are going to use it at home. In addition, it does not have any type of complication, since it will only be necessary to enter the router settings from the address . And from there, it will be necessary to continue with the steps that we will see below.

This trick turns off WiFi when you're not using it

In our case, we will see what the process is in the Orange and Vodafon e routers. It will even help you save some energy at home, since the router will consume less light. And keep in mind that when you turn off WiFi, your wired Internet connection will still work.

Plan the WiFi in the Orange router

Let’s go first with the Orange router, although it will also work for all those Jazztel users with a Livebox. More than anything, because the configuration settings are the same. Once we are inside the address that we have given you, you will have to enter the username and password. Then, you will go to the Wi-Fi section , to then find the tab that says Wi-Fi Planning .

programar WiFi router orange

As soon as you find that function, you will have to click on the option that defines the Wi-Fi time schedule . In this way, it will take us directly to the menu in which we can plan the hours in which this router connection will work or be deactivated. Now, we will have to select the No option and select the hours of the days of the week in which we want the WiFi to be turned off. Finally, tap on Save.

programar WiFi router orange

Program a Vodafone router

On the other hand, if you are a Vodafone customer, don’t worry about a thing, since you will also be lucky enough to be able to program the router’s WiFi so that it turns off and on automatically whenever you want. At first it will be the same, since you will have to access the address from the address bar of the browser and enter the password and username.

When you are already inside the device settings, go directly to the Wi-Fi tab . In this way, you will be able to access the settings of this connection. Then, look at the options that appear in the left menu of the screen, since you will find the Schedule button .

programar WiFi router Vodafone

Within this tool, click on the OFF button of Programming function to enable it. In this way, a ‘+’ button will appear so that you can add the hours and days in which you want the WiFi programming to be activated in the Vodafone router . When you have planned in detail each hour and day, all that remains is to save the configuration.

programar WiFi router Vodafone