This trick gives you the IPTV link of any Internet video

We watch videos practically every day, on streaming platforms or through the internet. But they all have one thing in common: virtually all of them have a link, whether we know it or not. And we can’t always get it out. But this trick gives you the IPTV link of any video on the internet so you can watch it whenever you want.

The Stream Detector extension is available for any browser and is capable of getting the link of any video you want to watch on IPTV. It is fast, it is easy to use and it is available for different browsers. You can use it in Firefox , you can use it in Google Chrome, and you can use it in Edge. Also, it is not complicated. As we will see in the next paragraphs, it is easy to use and we simply have to click on the extension itself so that it automatically loads the list of links on the web.

gives you the IPTV link of any Internet video

How to download

Depending on the browser, we will have to follow some steps or others to download it. In the case of Mozilla Firefox, all you have to do is go to the add-ons store to install it. But the same does not happen in other alternative browsers because in Google Chrome and Edge we will have to manually install it in the program for it to work. Still, it’s easy.

We can download the version available from Github for Chrome or Edge and follow the steps to install it and get it working. Of course, it will always be easier and more recommendable to use Firefox because you simply have to press the button and that’s it.


How to use the extension

The first thing we have to do is install the extension. In the browser you want. The easiest thing will be to do it in Firefox from this link or from the browser add-ons market. We touch on “get the extension” and we give it all the permissions it asks for. Keep in mind that it will need quite a few permissions to work (among them, entering data in the clipboard, showing notifications, accessing data…)

Once we have it installed in the browser, you will see the extension logo in the corresponding bar, as you can see in the image below. We will have to go to the web page that we want to test the extension… Within the web page that you want, tap on the extension and a list will appear with all the available links that we can copy.


We can also choose filters that help us find the form of the different commands . For example, the extension gives us the option to choose between various types of URLs. Go to the “copy stream URL as” dropdown and you will see several options available to choose from: regular URL, Kodi URL, Table entry, youtube-dl command, yt-dlp command, FFmpeg command, Streamlink command, hlsdl command, N_m3u8DL-CLI command , User-defined command.


In addition, it offers other options from the settings or configuration and we can choose if we want the video to be downloaded complete with subtitles or without them, for example. Or it allows us to monitor the different lists that we want for IPTV.