This folding Samsung with 5G and 8GB on offer at a demolition price

Little by little, folding phones are becoming commonplace. It is true that they are quite expensive, but from time to time offers appear that allow you to get one in a sensible way. Well, right now there is one of these promotions to get a Samsung model, which is one of the manufacturers that stands out in this emerging market.

folding Samsung with 5G and 8GB

The device we are talking about exactly is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, which is one of the most attractive options on the market, since the fold allows the device to be reduced so much that it fits in one hand without the slightest problem. And that the screen that integrates this device is 6.7 inches with Full HD + resolution and it does not lack the possibility of displaying up to 1,200 nits in the brightness section. By the way, it integrates a panel on the outside to avoid having to constantly open the smartphone.

Pantalla del teléfono Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

On the other hand, it should be noted that the finish of this terminal is very striking, with high-quality materials such as aluminum that includes a protection layer so that the usual day-to-day blows do not affect it. And this is always appreciated. On the other hand, the camera does not protrude excessively -so it is not annoying- In addition, when it comes to dimensions and weight, there is good news: the thickness when folded is less than seven millimeters and, In the second section, the terminal remains at 183 grams.

A hardware in this Samsung that will convince you

The reason is that the options chosen by Samsung are very striking. At the time they belonged to the high-end product range, and are still fully valid today. In other words, you will get excellent performance even with the most demanding games. There are two reasons for saying this: the processor is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 with an Adreno GPU inside and, in addition, the RAM is no less than 8GB . Therefore, Android is going like a shot at this mobile on sale for Black Friday. As simple as that.

But the good news in this Samsung phone does not end here, since the UFS 3.1 type storage (which means that the reading and writing of information is done with incredible speed, which favors a great user experience) . Besides, this is 128GB , more than enough at present. It should also be noted that, as is logical to think, the connectivity compatibility is fantastic, since for example it includes both WiFi 6 and access to 5G networks.

You will also take good photos with this foldable

With the two sensors in its main camera, both 12MP , you can be sure that you will get highly accurate shots both during the day and at night. There are plenty of reasons for this, since the main element has optical stabilization or Dual Pixel technology. Therefore, everything will look very sharp, including the videos you record -which reach 4K resolution-. By the way, despite being a model that can be folded, it also allows you to take selfies with a more than correct definition thanks to hardware that reaches ten megapixels.

Cámara principal del Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

And, despite the fact that this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is foldable, it has everything that is essential in a current smartphone. Without going any further, it has a fingerprint reader integrated into the side power button. You will also find good quality stereo speakers and even IPX8 water protection . Come on, nothing is missing.