This Flying Motorcycle Model Is a Reality: You Can Reserve It Now

This Flying Motorcycle Model Is a Reality

Many vehicles , be they airplanes, cars, motorcycles or even boats have evolved a lot thanks to technology. With it, many of these vehicles are much better and more efficient, being much faster and polluting less.

However, there are many companies that want to go one step further and want to go one step further in the future of land vehicles: turn them into vehicles that can fly.

A luxury flying motorcycle has been developed by a company and initial trials have already been successfully completed. It would be the first model of this type of vehicle and in fact anyone who wants to have this motorcycle can already reserve it through this link .

Flying vehicles are here

The tests consisted of starting it, taking it off, floating it in midair and making small movements. All of these tasks were completed without a problem.

This prototype can reach almost 500 kilometers per hour and would have a system that would allow it to carry out the tasks of landing and taking off completely vertically. Regarding its materials, it is made of aluminum since it is a very light metal, and in this type of vehicle weight is very important to gain both maneuverability and speed.

It will be able to rise above the ground to a height of approximately 4,500 meters . The only downside is that obviously the more people riding this bike, the less speed it can go due to the load. However, this is also done for safety reasons so as not to overpower the vehicle and to ensure that all crew members are safe during the journey.

The creators of the vehicle assure that the size of the flying motorcycle is very dynamic and that it does not need any type of electrical charge to take off.

They use fuel that pollutes

It would work thanks to the same fuel used by aircraft today, but it is planned that in the future another type of gasoline will be used that does not pollute the environment so much.

As for its price, an initial figure of about 322,000 euros more or less has been established, although it is expected that this figure may increase.

The developers have also announced that they are working on a new model of this first prototype, which would be made of carbon fiber instead of aluminum to continue to gain in that existing relationship between weight and speed. Carbon fiber is a material that is widely used for example in Formula 1 cars due to its lightness.

For their part, they also believe that the third version they make in the future of the motorcycle will have a wing system that can be deployed, in addition to having eight engines, since the initial model has only four.