This Chrome trick greatly improves the way you watch Netflix or Disney+

The consumption of all kinds of multimedia content via streaming from our favorite Internet browser is something that most of you already know. In this way you have the possibility of reproducing everything that platforms such as Netflix or Disney + offer us from a program that we use almost constantly such as Google Chrome.

At this time, we start the aforementioned Internet browser on most occasions as soon as we turn on our computer. And it is that through this we carry out all kinds of actions and jobs, both leisure and professional. In this case we want to focus on a somewhat peculiar use of streaming video content . Surely most of you are subscribed to one of the many platforms that you can use these days.

improves the way you watch Netflix or Disney+

If we focus on the aforementioned videos, we have many alternatives to choose from, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ , HBO Max and much more. Generally, to enjoy the documentaries, films and series that are shown here, at first we only have to start the aforementioned Google browser . Next, we go to the corresponding official web pages of the platforms, enter our credentials and enjoy.

Obviously, for all this we must have a valid subscription for each of the video platforms and thus access all its content. However, below, we are going to talk about a somewhat more fun and innovative way to enjoy this streaming content. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of playing those movies and series from the aforementioned platforms in a much better way, and with friends.

Share online the reproduction of movies and series in Chrome

So that you get an idea of what we are talking about, we are going to show you a simple way to see this video content virtually with your friends or family. This is something that you will have the possibility to carry out easily through the Google browser. It must be taken into account that all this is extensible to a good part of the current video streaming platforms. So we can meet virtually with those we want and share this content in an entertaining way from Chrome.

teleparty chrome

In addition, we do not need anything special, just have an account on the desired platform (something that all meeting guests must have), and Google Chrome . And this is something that we are going to achieve through an extension that we install in the aforementioned program, obviously for free. Specifically, it is the so-called Teleparty , an extension to watch movies and series remotely with friends.

For example, this can also be very useful if we want to share content with our partner, but we can’t meet at that moment. It is worth mentioning that this is an extension that itself is responsible for synchronizing video playback . In turn, it makes a group chat available to us that adds your compatible streaming sites to the corresponding websites.

In this way we will have the possibility of using the Teleparty extension to connect virtually with friends and organize online movie nights. Obviously, among the reasons for using all of this, we can highlight the aforementioned synchronization that the extension performs, and the chat system that it integrates to share opinions.