This accessory cannot be missing in any gaming setup: and it's on sale!

If there is something that catches our attention every time we see a gaming computer, it is the large amount of color around it. We can find lights on the tower, on the keyboard, on the mouse, on the headphones… and even, if we want to go further, we can use LED strips to illuminate any part of the computer, or the room, without spending much. money. Although these types of accessories are not too expensive, we can always find interesting discounts with which to save a little more, like the ones we bring today.

This accessory cannot be missing in any gaming setup

A led strip is nothing more than a series of LED diodes, generally RGB, that are placed in series so that we can place them where we want thanks to a powerful adhesive that comes on the back. We simply need a 5 V power source (such as a mobile charger, for example) so that they can start working. In addition, depending on the model, we can control the lighting, color or brightness with a remote control, from the mobile, and even over Wi-Fi with a voice assistant.

If you are looking to add a touch of color to your gaming setup, here are the best deals we can find on Black Friday.

Ordenador gaming

TP-Link Tapo: LED, Wi-Fi and HomeKit support

One of the best models that we can find for this type of accessory is the TP-Link Tapo. These LED strips are of the RGBW type and have 1000lm of illumination and 50 separate color zones. The strip can be cut into the parts that we want, or need, to perfectly fit the space we have, they can be synchronized with music, controlled remotely and even connected to home automation systems with Apple HomeKit, Alexa or Google Assistant.

If, on the contrary, we do not want many colors and we only want simple lighting, in white, we can opt for the White model, much cheaper, brighter, and with the same characteristics.

Other cheaper models

If the TP-Link models seem expensive to us (because, although they have great quality, they are), we can also find a large number of LED strips, from alternative brands, with which we can save money and have practically the same functionalities. Some of these alternative models, which are also on sale for Black Friday, are these.

The 5 meter Meross LED strip brings us RGBWW lighting with adjustable color temperature from the mobile and compatibility with Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google Home.

Nallee ‘s LED strips are similar to the previous ones, although somewhat simpler. For example, the first thing missing from them is WI-Fi and integration with Alexa and other similar assistants. In return, it includes a remote control from which we can control everything related to lighting. It even has party effects!

And, finally, the most economical model that we can find, that of Vitcoco. These are LED strips with Bluetooth to control them from the mobile, in addition to having a remote control to turn on, change the color, or turn off when we do not have the mobile nearby. Some strips that we can place and connect very easily and that, in addition, are on sale for this Black Friday with a 29% discount.