This 3D printer lets you make edible chocolate creations

This 3D printer lets you make edible chocolate creations

3D printers have revolutionized many sectors, especially the creative one, where they have been able to give users free rein with parts and designs that were previously impossible to create. But beyond PLA filaments and plastic materials, there is a new creation that could give a lot to talk about in the hospitality sector. What if you could eat what you print?

a chocolate printer

The Mycusini 3D is a 3D printer that uses refills of chocolate that the machine will melt little by little at the perfect temperature so that a steel nozzle expels it little by little as the axes of the printer move the head. The operation is identical to that of a 3D printer, except that the refills are absolutely edible and delicious .

The manufacturer has cylindrical-shaped refills that must be inserted into the corresponding cartridge, with versions of different colors with which to create very varied designs. Thus, you can create green, blue or pink letters as well as creations in the classic dark chocolate color.

What can be printed?

With the help of its 3.5-inch touch screen, we can choose between the 1,000 3D designs registered in the device’s memory, although we can also work with our own files in STL format and the appropriate software (Tinkercad and Microosft’s 3D Builder are valid ).

Available cartridge flavors

The cartridges have an autonomy that will allow you to create approximately 2 or 3 figures or 3 to 12 letters depending on the size. There are a total of 10 different flavors and various colors available. They are all of these:

  • vegan dark chocolate
  • Vanilla colored chocolate (white chocolate flavor)
  • Pink chocolate (white chocolate flavor)
  • Blue colored chocolate (white chocolate flavor)
  • Dark chocolate (dark chocolate flavor with a touch of vanilla)
  • dark chocolate with orange
  • dark chocolate with coconut
  • Green colored chocolate (white chocolate flavor)
  • Yellow chocolate (white chocolate flavor)

Not too high a price

The price of this mycusini 3D is 478 euros , an amount that does not seem too high if we take into account the price that 3D printers usually have. The problem is that the versatility that 3D printers have does not have this machine, whose exclusive use is to make chocolate figures. To this we must add that you depend on the manufacturer to buy the chocolate refills , since the refills are bought in packs of 60 or 120 refills with prices of 57.10 euros and 106.45 euros respectively. You also have to keep in mind that these packs include all the flavors and colors, so if there is one that you don’t like, you will have to buy it anyway.

We do not know if there is the possibility of melting chocolate on your own and making your own refills. This is something that seems feasible to us, although it would be necessary to find the perfect mixture of cocoa and fat so that the chocolate melts properly and does not form a disaster when making figures.