New Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard II: Features and Price

ThinkPad-Keyboard-IIEveryone has their own hobbies and obsessions, among mine I admit that keyboards are one of them. If the economic issue were not a problem I admit that I would have a wide collection of keyboards that for some reason attract my attention. The last one I discover and I would like to use is the Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II .

A keyboard for ThinkPad equipment lovers

Lenovo Keyboard ThinkPad

ThinkPad laptops have always had a special appeal , equipment with a very particular design, too sober for many and with a touch that seems not to have evolved from those first IBM laptops. Although that is what really makes this proposal special for which it seems that the years do not pass, for which its original design is still as valid as the first day.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II is that, the keyboard and trackpad that can be seen on your laptops. The difference is that here you have an accessory that you can use with your computer or any other device to which you can connect your USB wireless adapter or via Bluetooth. Therefore, if you want to use it with an iPad Pro, you can do it.

The keyboard is physically as you see in the images, and it still highlights that red dot that if you do not know is the trackpad. That is, with that little ball you can move the mouse cursor throughout your desktop. There is no additional surface type, so if it does not adapt you would have to resort to a conventional mouse or external trackpad, of course you would already lose the grace of that “ThinkPad experience”.

If at any time you have used one of the latest ThinkPad you will already have a clear reference of how this keyboard will be shared. A device that for its key and touch is very nice, although here as always there will be tastes and preferences of all kinds.

Nuevo teclado ThinkPad inalámbrico

For the rest, the new Lenovo wireless keyboard connects without wires as we have said and integrates an internal battery that you can recharge using a USB C cable . And yes, it supports multi-device link up to a maximum of two. That way, for example, you can connect it to your computer and also to your smartphone or tablet. So you can switch between one or another quickly as you need.

The only downside is that the key layout is intended for Windows computers. If you use iOS or macOS you would have to map the keys to match them with Apple‘s keyboards. Something that is not complicated, but that is not so attractive to everyone. In short, if you like these ThinkPad keyboards this new wireless version may do the same or more. It will be available from the month of May and its price will be 100 dollars. So you have time to save.