Nanoleaf’s new lights will be smarter than ever

nanoleaf-smart-lightsNanoleaf usually takes advantage of its presence at CES in Las Vegas to present new models of its products, so, with the idea of not losing the habit, the brand has presented this year the new Learning series , which as you may well be imagining, will offer Smart functions to make our lives easier.

Learning lights


But if we can now turn on lights with a simple vocal command to a voice assistant, how can this type of lights make our lives easier? According to Nanoleaf, its new lights incorporate a series of sensors that are able to learn and analyze our behavior in order to function according to our needs.

For example, if you enter a room and there is a matrix of Nanoleaf Learning lights, they will turn on progressively as we enter the room, turning off completely when we leave it. In this way we will not need any type of switch or voice control to operate them. As the brand has specified to Engadget, the lights will be able to know when you are about to enter a room to gradually turn on the lights at the same time as you advance. But how?

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Although it is unknown how exactly the system works, the brand has shown some of the smart sensors that will complement the so called U-IQ system (a motion sensor, an intelligent dimmable dimmer, etc.), which also works with an algorithm that will learn as Let’s use the system. The list will also include new smart bulbs that will be used to place other parts of the room where the panel configuration does not reach, as well as a wireless hub that will connect the lights with other services.

Technically there are no big surprises. And it is that a motion sensor and smart switches have been around for a long time, however, Nanoleaf’s aesthetics and expansion options make the product especially interesting. To this we will have to add the addition of having an algorithm that constantly learns, so if every afternoon at 19:00 we turn on the light, the day will probably come when the lights automatically turn on at that time.

When will this new Nanoleaf system be launched?


Taking into account that in the past CES a new hexagonal model was presented and has not yet reached the market, it is expected that this new intelligent series will take us until 2021, so we will have to be patient. In fact, the brand has confirmed that the hexagonal model will see the light (never better) in the middle of this year.