Think twice before you buy an Xbox Series X|S right now


Finally, it appears that the availability of the latest generation consoles in stores has improved significantly, resolving the stock scarcity issue that plagued their initial release in November 2020. Both Xbox and PS5 consoles were nearly impossible to acquire at that time. With the current situation seemingly improved, you may be considering purchasing an Xbox Series X|S in the near future. However, this article aims to present some reasons why you should perhaps reconsider… at least for now.

Let’s set aside the perennial debate over which console is superior, Sony or Microsoft. It’s undeniable that the Xbox Series X boasts more powerful hardware compared to the PS5, while the Xbox Series S, though capable, may fall slightly short for highly demanding games. Nonetheless, combined sales figures for both consoles have reached approximately 21 million units as of May this year. Considering the ample stock available and the Series S being frequently on sale, one might assume it’s a favorable time to make a console purchase. But is it really?

The (not so) exclusive games

Historically, exclusive games have played a significant role in the decision-making process between Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, when it comes to the Xbox Series X|S, it must be acknowledged that there aren’t a vast number of exclusive titles available, and even fewer that cannot be played on PC.

xbox series x

While there are indeed exclusives for the Xbox Series X|S, it’s worth noting that many of them are also available or will be available on PC. This is primarily due to Microsoft’s broader strategy, as they have a vested interest in selling games for Windows as well.

This situation isn’t necessarily a compelling reason to refrain from purchasing the console. It is important to recognize that a similar trend can be observed with the PS5, where its “exclusives” are also making their way to the PC platform. Nevertheless, it should give potential buyers pause for thought. Is it worth investing in the Xbox Series X|S for a handful of exclusive games, or should one consider the alternative of building a gaming PC instead? It’s worth mentioning that with a gaming PC, you also have access to Xbox Pass….

Is there a new Xbox on the horizon?

Purchasing an Xbox Series X | S at this moment might not be the wisest decision, as there is a possibility that Microsoft has a new console in the pipeline.

While there may not be a multitude of rumors circulating about it (though some do exist, so caution is advised), it is worth considering that the Xbox Series consoles have been on the market for over two and a half years. Additionally, rumors regarding the potential release of a PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro by Sony have gained substantial traction. It would be surprising if Sony were to launch new consoles while Microsoft does not follow suit.

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Although this speculation must be taken with a grain of salt, it does not appear to be an opportune time to invest in an Xbox Series X | S, given the likelihood of a new iteration being unveiled in the coming months. Spending a significant amount of money on these consoles, only to have Microsoft release an improved version shortly after, would likely prove to be unfavorable for prospective buyers.

Buying an Xbox now is still expensive

Another reason to reconsider purchasing an Xbox console at this time is the price. Despite being on the market for over two and a half years, the consoles, particularly the higher-end Xbox Series X, have maintained a relatively high price point. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, the Series X has never been on sale.

While the Series S has seen occasional discounts and promotional offers, making it a more reasonably priced option, the cost of the Series X, which many consider to be the more worthwhile choice, remains significant. Additionally, it’s important to note that games for these consoles are not exactly inexpensive either.

Buy Xbox Series X and S

Please understand that we are not claiming that Xbox consoles are overpriced or lacking value. However, the reality is that spending around €500 on the console alone, without factoring in game costs, can be a considerable financial burden for many. It’s a sentiment many can likely agree with, don’t you think?

If Microsoft were to release a new version of the Xbox, it is highly probable that the existing Series X and S models would experience price drops as the company aims to clear their inventory. For this reason, we believe that now may not be the optimal time to purchase a console, but rather a time to exercise patience and wait for potential price reductions.

However, if you have a genuine passion for Xbox and have been diligently saving up to buy one, then by all means, proceed with your purchase. After all, regardless of what happens in the future, you will still be able to enjoy your console to the fullest.