How to have a personal backup for EVERYTHING

We all possess a collection of photos, videos, and various documents that hold great importance, and the mere thought of losing them can be devastating. These cherished files often include family or vacation memories, as well as essential documents like invoices or contracts. To address this concern, Synology has recently introduced BeeDrive, a device that enables fast and effortless backup solutions.

One might argue that creating physical backups is unnecessary since cloud storage already exists. However, relying solely on cloud services, such as Google Drive, comes with the risk of losing ownership and control over your data. Imagine the distress if the service were to cease functioning, resulting in the loss of all your valuable files.

While backing up data to the cloud is a viable option, it is equally crucial to maintain local backups. By doing so, we establish two copies of our files, significantly minimizing the likelihood of losing these invaluable assets.

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Create a backup of your files in minutes

Synology understands the fast-paced nature of modern life, where time is of the essence and efficiency is key. Recognizing that the backup process can often be time-consuming, they have developed BeeDrive to provide a swift solution, allowing backups to be completed in less than three minutes.

BeeDrive offers seamless connectivity to Windows PCs, as well as Android and iOS smartphones. Users have the flexibility to select specific folders that contain critical data, ensuring that the most important information is protected.

During the initial setup, BeeDrive performs a comprehensive backup of all the selected data. Subsequently, when the device is reconnected, it continuously monitors the designated folders in real-time for any changes. This real-time monitoring feature enhances the recovery point objective (RPO) by capturing the most up-to-date versions of the files, surpassing the limitations of scheduled backups that occur at fixed time intervals (e.g., every hour, once a day, or once a week).

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BeeDrive ensures that all backed-up files retain their original format, mirroring the structure and organization from the source device. In the event of a device failure or malfunction, connecting BeeDrive to another computer grants seamless access to the files, eliminating any potential obstacles.

One of BeeDrive’s remarkable features is its capability to wirelessly back up photos and videos from Android and iOS devices. This wireless backup eliminates the need for physical connections, enhancing convenience. As long as the devices and BeeDrive share the same WiFi network, the backup process can commence effortlessly. Simply scanning the QR code of the Synology device initiates this “magic” synchronization.

While WiFi backups offer remarkable convenience, the only limitation lies in the bandwidth provided by the wireless connection. Despite this limitation, WiFi backups can still be up to 11 times faster than transferring files to the cloud, providing a significantly efficient backup experience.

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Synology BeeDrop, a world of possibilities in the palm of your hand

An intriguing feature of BeeDrive is its ability to facilitate device interconnectivity. With ease, users can create a shared folder among devices connected to the same WiFi network. When capturing a photo on a smartphone, BeeDrive automatically stores and shares it across other devices.

This functionality eliminates the need for cumbersome methods like connecting the smartphone to a PC or transferring files via Bluetooth. It streamlines tasks for professionals and content creators, simplifying their editing workflows.

The Synology BeeDrive comes in 1TB and 2TB capacities and is set to be available in mid-June. Initially, it will be compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, with macOS compatibility being added later. The pricing details have yet to be revealed by the company.