Things you should keep away from the router

Ensuring a stable Wi-Fi connection isn’t always straightforward. Weak signals, speed issues, and device connectivity problems can often crop up. What’s the culprit behind these annoyances? While various factors can contribute, one critical aspect is the proper placement of your router. Here, we’ll highlight some objects you should avoid having near your router.

It’s worth noting that particular items positioned near the router can lead to disruptions in your wireless network. You might experience diminished signal strength, frequent disconnections, or a decrease in speed. These same issues can also arise if these objects are in close proximity to any Wi-Fi receiver, such as a repeater or a computer.

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Objects to Keep Away from Your Router

To ensure your router functions optimally, it’s crucial to keep certain objects at a distance. Never position them too close, as this can lead to decreased performance and signal instability, though it may not result in a complete network outage.

Mirrors: Decorative mirrors are a common household item, but placing one near your router can be problematic for your wireless network. Mirrors can cause signal reflections, disrupting the signal’s path and resulting in instability. Avoid positioning your router next to decorative mirrors or areas where mirrors are present.

Metal Surfaces: Metal sheets, metal furniture, or any metal objects should not be in close proximity to your router. Metal tends to block wireless signals, hindering their passage. When arranging decorations around your router, exercise caution to prevent signal strength from diminishing.

Water: Wi-Fi and water don’t mix well. Any object containing liquid can weaken or entirely block the wireless signal. Avoid placing water-containing objects, like fish tanks or appliances that use water (e.g., refrigerators, washing machines), near your router. Be mindful of pipes and radiators as well, as they can cause connectivity issues.

Bluetooth Devices: Bluetooth devices, including headphones, speakers, and controllers, operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency. This frequency overlap can lead to interference, disrupting Wi-Fi performance. Similar interference can occur with other devices, such as cordless phones and microwaves, that also use the 2.4 GHz frequency. Exercise caution when placing such devices near your router.

Heat-Generating Devices: Heat can be detrimental to your router’s performance. Avoid placing devices that generate heat, such as televisions and video players, in close proximity to your router. Also, refrain from positioning your router near windows where direct sunlight enters, as excess heat can affect its functionality and lifespan.

In summary, it’s essential to relocate specific devices and objects away from your router to maintain a well-functioning Wi-Fi network. Ensuring your router is in an optimal location for efficient signal distribution is key to a reliable connection.