They launch liquid cooling for mobile phones, have we gone crazy?

Currently, it has become fashionable to mount liquid cooling, above all, because of how beautiful they are. This type of refrigeration is going to make the leap to an unexpected market: smartphones. OnePlus has presented a liquid cooling system for mobile phones, which has been seen these days during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.

Liquid coolers have gained a reputation for being better than any tower-type heatsink. It is claimed that they are better at dissipating heat, although in the long run it is false, due to the loss of liquid by micro evaporation. They are also claimed to be quieter, although many have more fans than a tower type.

They launch liquid cooling for mobile phonesThey launch liquid cooling for mobile phones

If a mobile gets so hot…

One of the great criticisms that we all make of Intel processors is their high consumption . Said high consumption directly implies a high generation of heat. This forces having to install powerful heatsinks to be able to manage so much heat.

Now, we find that OnePlus has presented a liquid cooling system for mobile phones. This system is called OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooling and would be intended for the OnePlus 11 Concept.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler

The focus of this system is smartphone gaming, which generates quite a bit of heat from stressing the processor. While mobile processors are far from desktop processors in power, when running a game, heat generation increases. There are many special mobile fans on the market.

This system has two main parts. We have a clamp that fits different sizes of smartphones. In addition, we have a small box the size of a router (approximately) where the pump, the liquid and the fan are. Both elements are joined by a tube that transports the hot and cold liquid, in parallel.

According to OnePlus, this cooling system allows us to reduce the temperature of the mobile while we play by up to 20 ºC. It seems to be so, since various media highlight the efficiency of this element. It should be noted that at the moment a launch date is not scheduled and neither is a price, which could well be around 100 euros.

refrigeración liquida oneplus smartphone

An element, necessary or unnecessary?

Smartphones have a similar problem to M.2 SSDs. The smartphone is a very compact element where everything is compressed in very little space. They make use of processors of a different architecture than the more efficient desktop computer variants. But, they still have the problem of temperature when it gets extremely stressed.

As with M.2 SSDs when under load, performance in high heat drops. This forces us to look for solutions that allow heat dissipation. We can find air coolers for smartphones on the market, ASUS has its own cooler for its mobile phones.

Everyone plays where they can or where they want, now, is it a good platform to play mobile? I am not going to go into evaluating this aspect, it is a war that is not worth it and where we will all lose. The truth is that they are used to play and have a significant thermal problem.

This RL is not the best solution, but of course, many play at home with a keyboard and mouse, as it can be a solution for them. Now, I don’t see anyone carrying this thing in a backpack.