These apps and tricks tell you what music is playing

Knowing what music is playing at the moment is becoming easier every day if you use your mobile, although the best option to achieve this is to resort to applications that recognize the song instantly, almost instantly.

You will not have to pay attention to some phrases of the song to search for them in Google or other search engines, among other possibilities. In addition, this can become unfeasible on many occasions, such as music in another language that you would not know how to write, songs in which the lyrics are the least recognizable, etc.

These apps and tricks tell you what music is playing

We can also activate the Google Voice Assistant or Siri, ask it what song is playing and hum or sing it or let it play, or take advantage of the functions of your mobile, if any have one for it thanks to its customization layer, even if it is playing at the moment it is best to opt for apps.

Now, you just have to open the app and it will automatically identify what sounds just with a small fragment.

Trick to know what music is playing with Shazam

Shazam is one of the most recognized applications to identify what music is playing on your mobile, so it is an excellent option for this purpose. You just have to have it installed and press to shazamear. The app itself will recognize what is playing and will tell you instantly, without you having to do anything else. It will give you the information of the song and you can also listen to it on your mobile.

In addition, it has a very interesting trick through which you can identify what is playing around you in the background, without having to open the app. The entire mobile will do it if you activate the AutoShazam option , in the app settings. When the song has played, just open Shazam again and you’ll see the name of the songs with more information.

You can download Shazam now in your mobile app store:

Developer: Apple

Other apps that work very well

There is life beyond Shazam, despite its ease of use and possibilities, which is why we are going to tell you about apps that offer you very good results in seconds and that give you much more.

SoundHound, discover music and add to Spotify

soundhound app

This is one of the main alternatives to Shazam that offers you very good results when it comes to recognizing the songs that are playing on the radio or around you. You will be able to know in seconds what they are and play your music for free. Also, it can be added to Spotify playlists.

It can even detect songs when you’re singing or humming them, which is very handy. You just have to press the orange button and that’s it.

BeatFind, results in seconds

beatfind app

Beatfind music identifier app is very easy to use and works very well. You just have to install it and click on the search magnifying glass to detect the music that is playing.

It will be searching until it finds the result, which you can listen to on Spotify if you want. You can also easily share it.

Recognize song, with many more functions

reconocer canción app

This is another app where you just have to hit the search on a blue button with a sound background image and it will automatically recognize and tell you the song that is playing or playing in the background.

It has several interesting options like audio cutter , video identifier and others.

WhoSampled, very complete, although paid

who sampled app

This is another app where you can learn much more about the music that surrounds you , with a large number of musical possibilities and options.

You will be able to recognize the music that is playing and see its samples, versions and remixes , although it will be with a Pro version with an annual subscription. However, it has many functions that will make you want to get hold of it.

Developer: WhoSampled

Google and Siri tell you the music

If you don’t want to complicate yourself or feel like resorting to external applications that consume resources on your mobile, the voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri can help you. It is as simple as calling them, asking what music it is and having them identify it.

In Google you just have to open the voice assistant with Ok Google and choose the option What song is this? If there is background music, it will detect this function automatically and you need to confirm it. It will stay listening for a while and will give you a result that matches what it sounds like. If it does not recognize it, you will have to resort to other options, although it usually finds the key.

In the case of Siri , you just have to open it with the Hey Siri command and asking it What song is this . Instantly, it will start listening and tell you what is playing. It uses Shazam technology, so it usually tunes well.