The 4 hybrid cars with the lowest consumption at a low price

With all the alternatives that we have when buying a car, it is more complicated than ever to decide which car to buy and, even if we are clear that we want a hybrid, it is difficult to decide between one that is cheaper or one that consumes less. To make the right decision, we must know them and, as we are going to show you in these lines, we will do it with hybrid cars of great importance for your interests.

Hybrid cars are in your good interest

The 4 hybrid cars with the lowest consumption at a low price

Yes, we are not going to fool ourselves either: it is true that when we talk about hybrid cars , how much they consume (either more or less), is a variable that worries less than the autonomy they have or the emissions they emit.

However, fuel consumption is a key factor that must also be taken into account, especially if the type of hybrid that interests us, as is the case with conventional ones, HEVs.

Even so, despite focusing on fuel consumption, certain aspects such as its autonomy must be clear. In any case, it is quite valuable to find some models of great interest that have a range of travel that is more than interesting for everyone, although this type of car is clear that they are among the least expensive.

What must be considered

Buying a new hybrid car is almost mandatory given the unstoppable escalation of fuel prices. With spending soaring, each euro of savings is a benefit for the pocket. Hybrids manage to reduce the gasoline bill, achieving great autonomy with very little consumption.

Obviously that is not the only advantage of hybrid cars in the city, as they have others such as freedom of movement or discounts for parking on the street and at some tolls. In any case, and as in all cars on the market, consumption is measured in liters per 100 kilometers (l/100 km). However, the help of the electrical part marks an important advantage to reduce the final data.

There are several specifications, such as plug-in hybrids , although it is well known that, in the case of conventional hybrids, autonomy is more limited, hovering on average between 2 and 5 kilometers, but they are still more than interesting, such as we can check. And given this, there are those that can be very beneficial for your pocket at this time.

Honda Jazz Crosstar

In the first place we have the Honda Jazz Crosstar, SUV type, which is the natural evolution (and latest version) of the classic Jazz of a lifetime. A self-charging hybrid car , an HEV, that charges automatically and draws power from the engine and regenerative braking. Its main advantage is the efficient electrified performance it offers and its time savings.

This model automatically switches between its different driving modes for dynamic and optimized circulation. It is an urban car, fully prepared for both the new times of city driving and road trips. Its CO2 emissions data place it in the category of 102 grams per kilometer travelled. It is one of the hybrid cars with the best record, with its 4.6l/100 km . At present we can find it for prices that are around 25,000 euros .

Honda Jazz Crosstar coches híbridos

Hyundai Ionic

Another example of energy efficiency is the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, with a design that has been renewed and advanced innovations in terms of its safety improvements, as well as all of it is seen as one of the favorite models of hybrid cars on the current market, and it is not for less.

And it is that, the combination of the self-recharging lithium battery of its electric motor and the direct injection gasoline one provides great performance, situates this model as one of the cars that pollute the least, as well as with the least fuel consumption : barely 3.6 litres/100 km. Its price is between 27,000 and 30,450 euros.

Kia Stonic

The Kia Stonic has been on the market since 2017 and the model currently on the market is an update of the first generation. It is a small SUV that is sold with gasoline and micro-hybrid engines, so it may have the DGT C or Eco label.

A model that will help us a lot in our day-to-day around the city, not only because of its compact size, but also because of its elevated driving position and a proper 352-litre boot. In addition, the average consumption of 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers indicates that it is an SUV with fairly reasonable fuel costs and, unlike other rivals, the access version mounts brake discs on the rear axle and not drums. Its price is minimal: just 17,450 euros .

Kia Stonic coches híbridos

Toyota yaris

In this list could not miss the Toyota Yaris, surely, part of the most efficient hybrid cars today, if not the most. Located as the great supporter of all the lists, it is one of the references in the utility category.

With several generations behind them, the last two have only offered hybrid versions with an ECO label and an average consumption of 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers. It is one of the best-selling cars in our country with a starting price of 23,900 euros.