The worst alarms you can choose on your mobile according to science

Let’s face it, nobody likes being forced awake. And if someone says otherwise, or is lying, or you should get away from him as quickly as possible. The only consolation we have left is to come out of sleep with a friendly melody that does not make us despair and helps us start the day in the best possible way.

The worst alarms you can choose on your mobile according to science

But, we may be making the wrong sound, when we believe that it is the one that works best for us to wake up. Some alarms are better for waking us up in the morning than others, as suggested by a new scientific article offering advice on which phone alarms work best, and which ones why.

The study in particular has focused on the iPhone, but since any of us can download its melodies through the many ringtone and alarm apps that we can find in the Play Store, such as Zedge, there is no problem in following the recommendations of The science.alarma móvil mujer durmiendo

Do not use these alarms on your mobile

Choosing the ‘wrong’ alarm can lead to a poor start to sleep in the morning, leaving you feeling groggy, confused and exhausted, researchers say. Luke Cousins, Regional Physiology Lead at Nuffield Health, explains: ‘The awakening process is controlled by your reticular activation system (RAS) which restricts how your body responds to external stimuli when you sleep and how you transition to sleep. to be awake’.

This is why you can’t use just any sound to wake you up, as alarms are designed to stimulate this RAS, telling your body to get up. In fact, a bad wake-up sound can be especially damaging if you’re in the deep sleep phase of sleep, giving you an increased heart rate and a groggy feeling in the morning that can last for several hours.

With that said, these are the worst iPhone ringtones you can set as your alarm:

  • Bells
  • Beacon
  • Radar
  • Sign
  • Presto

La alarma del móvil suena sola

Instead of a pleasant melody, these iPhone alarm sounds feature short, high-pitched bursts of noise. They also have much higher frequencies than recommended, according to the study’s findings, which means they’re more likely to wake you up and leave you feeling pretty bad.

Which ones to choose?

According to all studies, the perfect alarm clock has a tune you can sing or hum along to , a dominant frequency around 500 Hz, shouldn’t be too fast or too slow (100 – 120 bpm is ideal), and should be pleasant.

In this way, the study concludes that, if you still wake up without problems with your mobile, you must configure these melodies on your iPhone, or download them to your Android smartphone.

  • Sencha
  • By the Seaside
  • Uplift
  • Constellation
  • slow rise

All these alarm tones comply with what science describes, that is, they have a rhythmic melody, they are pleasant to the ear and they boast a low frequency between 400 and 500 Hz that will help you start the day, not with a lot of energy, but with the feeling of having slept enough.