The Windows Search Box: Features You May Not Know

windows 11 search box

Undoubtedly, one of the most underutilized features in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 is the unassuming search box positioned just to the right of the Windows Start menu. Astonishingly, numerous users, upon installing Windows, immediately disable this search box to regain taskbar space. However, this could be regarded as one of the least wise choices for Windows enthusiasts.

Beyond its apparent role as a mere file and application search engine, the Windows search box conceals additional capabilities that can streamline tasks, rendering browser-independent functionalities and eliminating the need for specific applications.

A particularly valuable feature that can significantly expedite operations is its built-in calculator functionality. This innovation operates in much the same way as the native Windows calculator, Google search engine, or even our mobile devices. To harness this feature, a mere input of the mathematical operation in the search box produces an instant result.

This feature also showcases the native Windows calculator in a widget format, enabling further calculations based on the initial output. The calculator accommodates fundamental operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For more intricate calculations, users can seamlessly resort to the calculator application’s scientific functions.

windows calculator

However, the advantages extend beyond these basic operations. Calculating the square root of a number is as effortless as typing the query in the search box to obtain an instantaneous response. Similar convenience is offered for other intricate operations not directly supported by the calculator widget, although, in these cases, it’s advisable to access the scientific calculator options within the calculator application for more comprehensive capabilities.

Unlocking Hidden Abilities of the Search Box

As previously discussed, the search box in Windows serves a far greater purpose than merely browsing files and applications. Beyond its mathematical prowess, this versatile tool can also serve as a proficient language translator, seamlessly rendering text fragments into different languages.

Translate with Windows

To leverage the search box as a translator, the process is as straightforward as querying Google. Simply type in the term or text requiring translation, followed by the target language. For instance, if you wish to uncover the French equivalent of “good morning,” inputting “translate good morning to French” will promptly yield the desired outcome.

This functionality isn’t restricted to single words; it can extend to longer texts, albeit not the optimal choice for extensive translations. Regardless, this utility remains an efficient means for quickly translating individual words or short phrases.