How to add a text behind a person with Photoshop

When the topic turns to Photoshop, we’re entering the realm of top-tier photo editing applications. Yet, its capabilities extend beyond mere image enhancement; it’s a platform to bring any creative vision to life—provided one possesses the requisite skills. However, navigating this application isn’t a walk in the park, considering its extensive array of functions.

For projects like crafting covers, posters, or various designs, positioning text behind a central element yields captivating and unconventional outcomes. Among the multitude of features Photoshop boasts, achieving this effect is surprisingly straightforward, contingent upon one’s familiarity with the process.

If delving into the art of placing text behind an object or person within Photoshop intrigues you, we’ll outline the steps to follow below. It’s worth noting that a foundational understanding of Photoshop is recommended, as we’ll be manipulating layers—a mechanism that enables seamless manipulation of images in a streamlined and efficient manner.

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Creating Depth with Text in Photoshop

The technique we’re about to delve into is versatile—it applies to both individuals and objects, offering the same process for achieving the desired effect. To start, open the image featuring the subject or object where you wish to position text behind, distinct from the background.

Navigate to the Selection menu and opt for “Subject.” After swiftly analyzing the image, Photoshop will automatically isolate the primary element without necessitating manual intervention. Once the subject is highlighted, employ the Control + X shortcut to cut it out, and then use Control + V to paste it as a new layer—much like working with regular text.

Add text behind object

Upon inspection of the Layers section, you’ll notice a division: one layer housing the background, and another showcasing solely the object, subject, or animal. The subsequent step entails generating the text you wish to incorporate. To do this, initiate a fresh layer by pressing Control + Shift + N.

Add text behind object

Now, with the new Photoshop layer in place, employ the Text tool to type out your desired text. Feel free to tweak various aspects such as color, background, size, or any other customization—either immediately or at a later stage. Given that this layer operates independently, any alterations solely impact this layer, leaving the rest untouched.

Add text behind object

Lastly, shift the text layer between the extracted object layer and the layer housing the image’s background, as exemplified in the image above. Should you wish to modify the text, simply select its corresponding layer and proceed with edits.