The wallpaper for Android that tells you how much you use your mobile

If you want to find out more about the time you spend on your mobile because it seems to you that you are using it too much or you need to know more about your habits of use of your smartphone, there are tools that can help you with it.

Beyond the phone itself, where you will get very interesting data, there is a very intuitive and easy-to-use wallpaper where you will be able to find out this information in a way that will not go unnoticed. Therefore, it is one of the best options available to you if you want to obtain this information in detail. You’ll love it!

The wallpaper for Android

What is WellPaper and how does it work?

Current screen monitoring tools are very boring and do not motivate you at all to know this fact that you might already fear. Also, not all of them are safe and you can get more than one scare with some. However, with this wallpaper you will be able to see and better understand your daily habits when you are with your mobile, all directly on the home and lock screens.

This is WellPaper, an app with a very modern and intuitive appearance in which you will see screen time and your smartphone in a very dynamic and creative wallpaper. You can download it directly from the application store of your operating system and start enjoying all its possibilities. Do not forget to give it permissions, and the mobile may notify you of the risks.

When you have done so, you will reach the main screen of the app where you can choose the background of your interest. In the arrows that are just below you can change it for another if you want. In Screen time you can see the usage time in the different apps by categories. As you can see, you have everything at your fingertips and you can go to the settings to change what you want from the nut image in the upper right.


If you see that an app does not fit its category , you can change it in the settings to give you more reliable results. You can also set an app as do not track. Explore all its possibilities to fully customize it for you.

How to put the wallpaper?

To change the wallpaper to the one you’ve chosen, hit View right under its image. Keep confirming and configuring everything, click on Next, click on Set Wallpaper and finally confirm the Set wallpaper option. You can choose if you want it to be just the home screen or also be on the lock screen. Choose the option that interests you and that’s it.


When you have done so, you can go back to the start of your mobile and you will see that it has already changed with the indicated configurations and settings. It will be very easy for you to see from a first impression the types of apps that consume your battery or that you use the most, but you can also see the detailed report in the app by opening it as we have already mentioned.

Once you have it, you will see that as you use the mobile, the squares or shapes will change depending on the apps you use the most. For example, if you use TikTok in the Composition background, you will see that the box with the color corresponding to social networks gets bigger. If you spend all day in Pokémon Go or another game in Cosmos the corresponding planet will grow.

Each used application changes the background that you have selected to adapt to your usage habits. If you see that one is too big or different from the others, you could try to analyze why and thus optimize the use of your mobile.

If you want to change the background to another , you just have to go back to the app and choose one that you like best among the 6 available. So whenever you want.