The unknown animated spin-off of The Boys that you can see on Amazon

The unknown animated spin-off of The Boys

The third season of The Boys has started on Amazon Prime Video in style, with an even higher level than we were already used to. However, the wait between chapter and chapter can be a bit tedious. For the same reason, these days are ideal to see Diabolical, the cartoon spin-off of The Boys that you can see on the same streaming platform.

What is diabolical?

The Boys: Diabolical is a spin-off of the Amazon Prime Video television series. It has a total of 8 chapters of about 12 minutes each approximately. The episodes of the series do not have continuity, although they are in the same universe as what we see in the television series.

This animated series was released on Prime Video shortly before the premiere of the third season of The Boys , but many fans of the series are unaware of the existence of this miniseries.

Behind this production are mainly Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the original creators of The Boys comic . He is also part of Diabolical Eric Kripke, the one in charge of bringing the comic to television. Last but not least, The Boys: Diabolical also features Justin Roiland, best known for being the creator and producer of Rick & Morty alongside Dan Harmon.

What does the Diabolical series offer?

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Presented as an anthology, Diabolical shows us eight radically different episodes with different genres and animation styles . The style is what most surprises the series. There are more ‘cartoon’ chapters and others with a much more realistic drawing. Each creator has been given free rein to shape the script in their own way.

The series shows us another perspective on this universe, although without ever giving up its thug and carefree style so characteristic of The Boys . In fact, animation gives this spin-off even more scope , as its creators have more freedom to shape brutal violence, sex or drugs.

diabolical the boys

Some of the stars of the main series have also given their voices to the characters in this miniseries. This is the case of Antony Starr and Giancarlo Esposito , who have dubbed Patriota and Stan Edgar in English, respectively. Also Elizabeth Shue and Simon Pegg have doubled their characters in this animated series.

Another reason you’re going to want to watch the series is because of its characters. And it is that, some of the superheroes presented in this miniseries could appear later in The Boys. Without a doubt, the only drawback of Diabolical is that it is only 8 chapters. It will be really difficult for you not to see the entire series in one sitting , although you will want to ration it to be able to enjoy it in small moments. The Boys: Diabolical is a short but very addictive series that will invite you to continue exploring the crazy world of The Boys while you wait for a new chapter.