The reasons to use an encrypted email, and not just for privacy

When we use email we may run certain security and privacy risks. It is essential to use a good service, since they have functions and features to improve protection. It is undoubtedly a widely used means of communication and that also makes hackers on the prowl. In this article we are going to talk about why it is important to use an encrypted email , beyond privacy.

Reasons to use an encrypted email

The reasons to use an encrypted email

First of all, it is necessary to indicate what exactly an encrypted mail is. We can say that it is an e-mail service in which everything we send will be encrypted from end to end, without anyone being able to read the content. Not even the platform we use itself can read the messages we are sending.

Today most mail providers have some kind of encryption, although there are some that are better than others. However, there are still some that do not have any type of encryption and that can expose your privacy. But why, beyond one’s own privacy, the basics of preventing an intruder from accessing the content, is it interesting to use this type of e-mail?

Independence from big brands

One reason is to have greater independence from large online services. It is a fact that you can use an email from large companies like Google or Microsoft and it will be linked to other services. That means that in a way there will always be other platforms that can collect data from your email. For example, if you buy a flight or make a hotel reservation online, you will see that the date is automatically added to the Google calendar when you receive that email in Gmail.

Although this can happen if the email is encrypted, that is when we recommend using alternative services. Those e-mails that are not the most common will have greater protection and you will have less risk of any of your information ending up leaked on the network and could be used by third parties. You should always choose a good email provider.

Security enhancements

Of course, using an encrypted email will also help you improve security . Whether you are a home user or you belong to a large company, you can suffer cyber attacks if a third party manages to steal personal data. If you use a mail service that is not encrypted, it could read and collect certain information.

That information could be used against you. For example, carrying out Phishing attacks that put your security at risk. Therefore, using an encrypted email provider, with greater security, will be more reliable so as not to have problems in this regard. In addition, encrypted email services usually also have other added functions, such as two-step authentication or a security filter to detect malware.

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Avoid risks for a company

In this case we are talking especially about organizations and companies . You may experience security issues and certain risks if information is leaked or the content of an email ends up in the wrong hands. This could affect third parties, such as customers who contact that company.

By using an encrypted email, which better protects the content, you will avoid bad reputation problems for the company or having to respond to customers. It is something that you should keep in mind when you are going to use an email.