The OnePlus 11 changes radically. It will be enough?

There are many new features that come with the new OnePlus and that improve compared to previous models, since the company has decided to focus on high-quality construction and top-level performance in this new model, although it could be better.

Its high price compared to other alternatives on the market, some failures detected and other issues have caused it to lose acceptance in the market. But we cannot doubt that there are great changes and innovations that we must highlight in the OnePlus 11 models compared to the OnePlus 10.

But, will these be enough for it to be well regarded by its users again? We reveal it below.

The OnePlus 11 changes radically

These are its news and features

The OnePlus 11 comes with a ceramic body built on a metal frame. Although it is a material that we have already been able to see in other mobiles, it looks great because it achieves a unique sensation and shine. The only drawback is that it is a more expensive material, which raises the price of the mobiles that carry it, and somewhat heavier than other options. However, it creates a premium feeling that is worth rescuing.

In the design section, it will stand out for having a curved screen with a 6.7-inch 2K LTPO FHD+ resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a perforated camera in the upper left corner. A higher rate is missing, such as 144 Hz.

oneplus 11

One of its main advantages is that it will carry the new high-performance processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 , in fact, it may be one of the first phones to hit the market with this high-end processor with much higher performance and more energy efficiency. It will be accompanied by a more than good 16 GB RAM and the most efficient and fastest UFS 4.0 storage system. The storage space will be up to 512 GB, although some say that it will stay at 256 GB.

Its battery will be more than enough for the whole day since it will have 5000 mAh , it will also boast of having a fast charge of 100 W. Wireless charging will be 50 W. You can have your mobile available again in 20 minutes if you charge it by cable.

Rumors suggest that the new OnePlus 11 has a 50 MP Hasselblad main camera , a 48 MP ultra-wide angle and a 32MP 2x telephoto lens. Its selfie sensor will be 32 MP. We will have to see how it performs when push comes to shove and what it is capable of doing with its software and photographic modes once we have all the information.

camara giratoria oneplus 11 pro

Its operating system will be OxygenOS 13 , with which you will enjoy all the experience and news of Android 13 in this new OnePlus. On the other hand, there is talk that Alert Slider will return to this model, a very practical function for many users who were already missing it.

It improves, but could do more

At first glance, it seems that it incorporates quite a few interesting news on paper and it is good news for those who were waiting to know more about this new model.

However, you have to know at what price they launch it on the market since OnePlus has been in the doldrums for a long time and has not surpassed other models that are doing quite well such as Samsung or Xiaomi.

It may be that all its improvements are not enough to end the discontent of many people, and some even think that it could be better in many sections . There are also many who are delighted with the big changes of the brand.

In any case, we still need to have official confirmation and know all the details about the new models in the range. If it will be enough, time will tell, what do you think?