The novelty of iOS 16 that Apple had not revealed

Yesterday, Monday, July 11, Apple launched the public beta of iOS 16, but also, and to everyone’s surprise, it also launched a renewed version of beta 3 that was already launched last week, both have brought a surprise and a very visual novelty that Apple hadn’t counted at WWDC. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

iPhone lock screen keeps getting changes

The novelty of iOS 16 that Apple had not revealed

Without a doubt, the great novelty that Apple has introduced in this new version for the iPhone is the lock screen. As of iOS 16, all iPhones that are compatible with this version and, of course, have been updated to it, will be able to enjoy a new fully customizable lock screen , since this is one of the hallmarks, the possibility that Apple has given users the power to modify both the font and the color of numbers, letters and widgets .

Yes, we say widgets because these are another of the great novelties of iOS 16, the possibility of including the widgets you want on this lock screen , something that of course gives many clues about one of the possible functions of the new iPhone, that is to say , the rumored always-on screen that some Apple Watch models already enjoy. In addition to that, the notifications on this lock screen also look different , since now with iOS 16 they are located at the bottom of the screen.

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However, it seems that Apple is keeping things to itself and with this review of beta 3 and the launch of the public beta, it has unveiled another really visual update for this lock screen. This is the new music and podcast player . Until now, whenever you had the iPhone screen locked and you were playing audio content, be it music or a podcast, the player appeared at the bottom with a reduced size, however, the novelty is that from now on this player will be much more large , occupying practically the entire screen and giving the iPhone a really attractive visual touch. In addition, this player will be activated automatically regardless of the application with which you are listening to music, so there will be, for example, no difference between Apple Music and Spotify.

The album art is displayed in the center of the screen , and the typical player is just below it, smaller in size and separated. In addition, the color of the album cover is what also marks the color of the background that appears behind it, so that the entire lock screen aesthetic is consistent. However, in case you don’t want the lock screen to take on this display, you can always tap at the bottom of the screen to return to your standard wallpaper and minimize the player as well.

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Without a doubt, it is clear that Apple wants to completely turn around everything that has to do with the iPhone lock screen, which again gives many clues that surely the iPhone 14, if not all, at least the models Pro, they will carry the always-on screen that has been talked about and rumored so much in recent months.