5 features you need to know about macOS

Usually, all devices have really useful functions that users take a long time to discover, since Apple itself does not advertise them as it should. That is why in this post we want to tell you about 5 really useful functions that you have available natively in macOS and that are sure to be of great help to you at some point.

macOS features you need to know

5 features you need to know about macOS

Apple computers are a true wonder of devices, and in large part it is thanks to everything that users can do with them. But beware, it is not only the applications and programs that you can install that make the Mac, whether it is a MacBook Air, Pro, iMac or any other model, such a useful device, but also all the native functions found within it and that, on many occasions, users do not know. Therefore, below we will talk about 5 that you must always keep in mind.

  • Screenshot . One of the most popular functions of macOS is the possibility that it offers all users to be able to take screenshots very easily and without having to install any application, since the app through which they are carried out is already installed in the computer. It’s QuickTime Player, which with a few simple keyboard commands gives you the opportunity to take screenshots or even record the screen of your Mac itself. In addition, it also offers a number of tools to be able to work with it later.
  • Universal Control and Sidecar . Here we have a two in one, and it is that we put these two functions in the same bag since they need the iPad to be able to enjoy them. Both allow users of these two devices to use them in a combinative way to work and be more productive if possible. With Universal Control you can control both your iPad and your Mac with the same peripherals, that is, with the same keyboard and mouse or trackpad, but the two operating systems work independently. With Sidecar, what you can do is use your iPad as a second screen for the Mac, even being able to interact with it by touch with the Apple Pencil.
sidecar y universal control

Sidecar (top) and Universal Control (bottom)

  • AirDrop is another of the wonders of the Apple ecosystem. With it you have the opportunity to send different documents and files completely wirelessly and, above all, without losing an iota of quality.
  • Sign documents with Preview . This is another of the native applications that are already installed on all Apple computers. Well, in addition to being the app used to open photos and PDF documents by default, it also allows users to sign documents with it. In addition, the way to do it is really simple, and it will only take a few seconds to be able to sign the document you want.

vista previa

  • Hot corners are really useful. This functionality allows users to be able to quickly launch actions when they move the pointer to a corner of the computer screen. These actions are fully customizable through the macOS System Preferences app.