The novelty of iOS 15 that Apple did not tell you

It has been two weeks since iOS 15 was officially launched and yet we continue to know news that, to a greater or lesser extent, we find interesting. Especially those that Apple did not count or that analysts have not (we) highlighted in the months that they have been in beta. In this post we will tell you one of them that is related to FaceTime functions, only extended to other non-native applications.

The novelty of iOS 15 that Apple did not tell you

WhatsApp and other apps benefit from iOS 15

Among Apple users, the most common is to use FaceTime as a means of making video calls. In iOS 15 some improvements have been introduced in the service that improve the experience and although some were already in other services, others are pioneers for the Apple application.

One of these functions is the background blur , also known as portrait mode. This is a feature that was already in popular apps like Skype or Zoom, but was not available in FaceTime. And now, in addition to being able to use it already in this app, it has also been extended to other applications that allow you to make video calls. This is the case of WhatsApp or Instagram, both developed by Facebook.


The same happens with the noise cancellation function so that, if we are in a noisy environment, the other person can hear us without difficulties. This has also been added to other apps like the ones mentioned. Although it seems that it is being implemented in a staggered way, since we have been able to verify that not all users have these functions available despite having the iPhone and the apps updated to their most recent versions.

FaceTime will bring another interesting novelty in iOS 15.1

Another long-awaited novelty and that does seem to be exclusive to FaceTime is Share Play . This functionality, which if it had been previously announced and had even been seen in betas, allows not only screen sharing, but also allows you to watch series, movies and even listen to music simultaneously with other users who are on the call. Even the controls will be unique, so if one pauses it, the rest will be paused as well.


It seems that Apple had some setback in development and in order to polish the details it stopped implementing it in iOS 15.0. It is not available in versions 15.0.1 either, but in the 15.1 betas, so it is expected that when they reach the final public, this functionality will already be available. It is also expected to improve the FaceTime system via the web that allows the use of the service to devices with Android or Windows.