Can Instagram now be used on Mac computers?

Instagram is without any doubt one of the most used social networks in the world. It started out as an app focused on photographers but they have become a true social phenomenon. However, users who have a Mac do not have an application made by and for the Apple computer, having to resort to other alternatives that we are going to tell you about in this post.

Can Instagram now be used on Mac computers

Alternatives to using Instagram on Mac

As we told you, the non-existence of a native Instagram application for macOS has made users who want to use this social network on their Apple computer have to resort to other alternatives. The most important and the one most used by the vast majority of users is the web version of Instagram . Fortunately this has evolved giving the possibility of being able to do practically all the actions that you do in the iOS application, in fact within the web version you will be able to see stories , publish a post, access your saved posts as well as communicate with your friends at Through direct messages, however, there are functions that are not yet available and that causes many users to have to use the iPhone in order to enjoy a complete experience in this application.

Instagram web

On the other hand, the variety in terms of Instagram clients is quite scarce, in fact, in the App Store you can hardly find applications that offer you the same functions as the native application. One of the most prominent is Grids for Instagram , surely the most complete that you can find both in the App Store and in the rest of the web. Another application that we have to talk about is Uplet, an alternative that will allow you to have direct access to uploading a post to this social network, but that’s it, the moment you want to access, for example, your profile, it will redirect you directly to the web version of Instagram.


Where is the native application?

The incorporation of Apple’s M1 chip in their computers has given many users the possibility to install iOS applications on their own Mac . However, and unfortunately for all Instagram users, it is not available to be installed on Apple computers with an M1 chip.

For a time, an alternative was in force that provided the opportunity to install the iOS version of Instagram on macOS, however, over time this option has been eliminated without knowing, to us, an apparent reason for incompatibility. Without a doubt, this route is the most viable for Instagram to have the most complete application possible running on Apple computers.

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