The most useful iOS shortcuts

The most useful iOS shortcuts

The Shortcuts app is a very good way to save time when carrying out certain specific functions. Perhaps you don’t get all the use out of it, that’s why in this post we bring you some shortcuts that you may not have known existed and that can get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.

Although not everyone takes advantage of it, the Shortcuts app offers many advantages and allows you to save time by performing some of the functions in much less time. There are some shortcuts that are quite well known, such as taking screenshots with the silhouette of your iPhone. However, there are others that are not as well known and that can also be of great help.


These are some of the most practical shortcuts

They are shortcuts that you probably didn’t know existed and that you may not use every day, but they are quite practical to fulfill specific and concise functions. We leave you a list

  • Morse Code: a simple shortcut, but it can help you in some extreme emergencies. When you launch it it will ask you to write a text, and then convert that code into morse with the flashlight . You will be able to send messages over long distances in some cases where this is the only method left to you. It is a shortcut that you will not use every day, but it can be very useful in an emergency.

  • Photos Deduper: It will help you to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone by looking for a file that is twice on your device and allowing you to delete them. It will save you some time locating these files, and if you have a lot of duplicate photos it can help you save some space. Something you have to know is that the shortcut will search for the same photo file, so it works only for duplicate photos and not for photos that are similar. However, being able to do this with a shortcut is already a considerable advantage.


  • Pritam Download: allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter , the main social networks today. In this way, if there is a video on these platforms that you want to download to watch later, you will have this resource to do so. The shortcut has some issues on iOS 15, but if you’ve updated to iOS 15.1 it should work pretty well. However, later we will give you another alternative just in case.

  • Remember birthdays: what this shortcut does is compile a list of birthdays for the following week using the information of your contacts, so you will have to give it access permission. It’s a shortcut you can modify to choose a birthday cap per notification, as well as the name or the order in which they appear.

  • Water Eject: If you don’t want to deal with searching and downloading apps to clean your iPhone speaker, this shortcut allows you to do the exact same thing. It will emit a sound at full volume so that, through the vibration of the device , the remains of water and dust are expelled from the speaker.