The most unknown uses of virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are currently the order of the day, we all carry one with us. And we already know everything we can do with them when they are connected to the devices in our home. Lighting, sound, heating, cooking, everything can be connected through one of these assistants. But the truth is that its functions go much further, and there are many curiosities of virtual assistants.

The most unknown uses of virtual assistants

What else can a virtual assistant do?

Most likely, if you read this post, you have a smart speaker at home, or are thinking of buying one. Despite the fact that we can currently find them in a very affordable way, we always have doubts as to how useful they can be. Beyond asking you to tell us the time, or to turn on the lights, these have many functions, which may be unknown. They are created with the idea of making our lives easier, and for this reason they are called “assistants”. And surely it would never occur to us to ask for certain things, so let’s see what they can offer us.

Asistentes virtuales curiosidades

Applied to the world of entertainment

Normally when we want the speaker to play a song, what we do is request it specifically. But, how many times have you heard a song that you want to know the title of? Well, here we have the first use that may be unknown. We can ask them to listen to it and tell us what it is about. This is not all, but they can give us much more information about what we are listening to, while saving it in your playlist.

If we like to go to the movies, we also have utilities that help us. Ask what movies are available to watch, and at what times. Therefore, we will no longer have to go directly to look at it on the Internet, or in a newspaper. But among other curiosities of virtual assistants, and with respect to the world of entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

virtual assistant in the car

Amazon introduced us to its Echo Auto, a device to be able to take our virtual assistant in the car. It is a small device that connects to the stereo, and performs the same function as the one we have at home.

Obviously we will not be able to turn on the lights of the car, or change the air conditioning. But we can do other functions such as asking you to put on the news, to change the station, or to use the hands-free telephone function.

Coordination with mobile devices

Surely at some point you have tried to take a screenshot, and the distribution of buttons is not the most appropriate to do so. But, with the virtual assistant we can do it by means of a voice command, it will only be enough to ask it. Or use it to open an application for us or to give us information about what we ask for.

Asistentes virtuales para casa

On the other hand, chances are your phone or tablet gets lost in the house at some point. Either in another room, under a cushion or on top of a piece of furniture. We have all forgotten where we left off at some point. If we have a smart speaker, and it is connected with the same account, we can ask it to make it emit a sound. Which will make it easier for us to find it.

Other unknown uses

As we have seen, virtual assistants have functions that we would never ask of them a priori. But the truth is that there are many other very original functions. Adapting pet meals with connected feeders, smart mirrors even for the world of toilets, are just some of the most original. But we can also find other functions that are very oriented to festivities with lighting games, or other very bizarre ones such as the Big Mouth Billy Bass wall fish.

The functions and curiosities of virtual assistants are growing rapidly. More and more developers adapt their services to these, or even anyone from home can program new features for their speaker. What makes us surprised with many that we can have, and of which we had not the remotest idea.