The most interesting 43-inch Smart TVs on the market

The 43-inch Smart TVs are among the best-selling internationally. What’s more, so much so that you will find televisions of the best quality in this compact size. The reason is simple: it fits well even with the oldest living room furniture.

You only have to take a look at the wide range of 43-inch devices that are currently on the market to verify that they are an absolute triumph . Although this also makes choosing the most suitable much more difficult. Don’t worry, because we help you!

most interesting 43-inch Smart TVs on the market

Parameters to consider in a Smart TV

Before entering the adventure of buying a 43-inch television, there are some parameters that you should consider. In this way, you will make sure to hit yes or yes with your acquisition.

Smart TV

  • The first thing you should take into account when choosing a television of this size is the resolution it offers. It is very important that you already have 4K , at least! Although it is true that a few years ago 4K was only suitable for some pockets, right now we are facing a much more affordable option.
  • In turn, it is important to see what types of content it supports. HDR is one of the most important, since there are many content platforms that work with it. The dynamic range allows you to enjoy much higher tones, and most VOD platforms have movies and series in HDR10+ or Dolby Vision in their catalog.
  • For not being too technical, we will only point out that the processor must have a minimum of four cores to achieve good fluidity. In addition, this will have a positive effect on the scaling of the images .
  • It is also essential to check that the connectivity that gives access to the Internet is both through the use of WiFi and Ethernet . In this way, the Smart TV can be placed anywhere since it can always be connected to WiFi. And, in case you need a higher speed, you can always use the network cable.
  • In what has to do with the rest of the ports, at least three HDMI and a pair of USB is the minimum that should be required. The HDMI will guarantee you the power to connect the television to different devices. Through USB, you will have access to external hard drives in which you could store content to view . Like, for example, videos of the different trips you have been doing.
  • Finally, it is not a bad idea that the model offers the option of using Bluetooth accessories, such as game controllers or keyboards. If you have Android TV, you can even download games on your TV. And there’s nothing like connecting two controls via bluetooth to spend hours and hours of entertainment.

Other key aspects

Nor should we leave aside the sound section. The ideal is to make sure that it offers stereo options and, for this, it has an output power of no less than 20 W. It is always good that it has technologies such as DTS, but it is not an essential requirement since you can always resort to a sound bar.

Conexiones de las Samrt TV LG 55UM7100

In addition to this, it is essential that you check what operating system the television in question has. Especially if you have some kind of prerequisite, such as having Android TV. There is no one system better than another, since they all do practically the same thing.

Of course, the applications that you can download will depend on the operating system. Make sure they offer access to apps like Prime Video, Netflix, or YouTube, as these are the ones you’ll be using the most. Along with these, it may also be interesting to have Spotify. Do not worry, since practically all televisions offer this.

Low-end 43″ Smart TV

And we can go on to see which devices are recommended to purchase with these specifications! On this occasion, we have decided to make a selection of 8 totally different 43-inch Smart TVs. To make the choice much easier, we have divided them into two sections, depending on their price.

First of all, we are going to mention some devices that are under €400 .


We start with another television that is below €300, and that has Android 9.0 . Resolution-wise, we’re sticking to 4K UHD. As the main advantage over the previous one, it should be noted that its energy certification is A+.

Infiniton Smart TV

This television has an LED screen whose diodes are distributed throughout the entire screen. Thanks to this, it manages to offer a very sharp image and colors .

As for the connections , it offers 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and headphone output, among others. In this case it only has WiFi, so you will not be able to connect it to an Ethernet port.

Andrino: 4K and with the Google assistant inside

We continue with a Smart TV from the Andrino brand that has a surprisingly low price. For less than €300 , you can have a 4K television with Android TV in your home.

Andrino 43 pulgadas

It has version 9.0 of Android TV installed, but you will be able to update without problems. Thanks to that, you will have the Google assistant always ready to lend you a hand. No more having to use the controller for everything! Now you can talk to him and everything will be more comfortable.

As for the technical specifications, you should know that it has 4 HDMI ports , 3 USB 2.0 ports, a WLAN input, headphone output and an Ethernet port. The screen is LED type, perfect even for playing video games.

Hisense: a Smart TV with Alexa integrated

This television from the Hisense firm has Alexa integrated. The Amazon assistant will help you with everything you need, thus making your life much easier.

Hisense Smart TV

Despite having a different system than Android TV, you can download all the applications considered essential: a browser, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube… It is interesting to note that it has a high-quality Ultra Dimming adaptive brightness system , as well as surround audio DTS. Its price is between €300 and €350 , depending on whether or not you find an offer.

LG: a very powerful processor

If you are looking for a Smart TV with a powerful processor , capable of supporting almost anything, this LG is what you need. In addition, it brings with it the famous Artificial Intelligence to always achieve the best quality of both image and sound.

LG con Alexa integrada

You’ll have Alexa built into your TV, as well as the Google Assistant if you need it. The image processor is a 4K Quad Core which, as we have pointed out, reaches incredible power. As for the operating system, it is a very recent version of webOS, which stands out for being very easy to use. If you are worried about the price, you should know that you can get it for just over €300 .

High-end Smart TV: for demanding!

Next, we are going to see other Smart TV models whose price is somewhat higher. Despite everything, you should know that they are still affordable , especially if you find good deals!

Nokia Smart TV: stepping strong!

We continue with one of the televisions with Android TV and, in this case, we are talking about a Nokia brand device. You can choose the resolution of the television within the purchase tab, although we have opted for 4K UHD.

Nokia Smart TV 43 pulgadas

There will be no application that can resist you thanks to the Google application store. It has a triple tuner, with which you can watch cable, satellite and terrestrial television.

In addition, it is compatible with Dolby Audio and DTS: you will feel as if you were in the cinema! You will not want to take off the TV at any time. As for the cost, it is around €400 .

Samsung Crystal UHD: with PurColor and Smart Sound

Samsung is one of the most famous brands in terms of technology for obvious reasons, as we can see in this case. Few Smart TVs are as powerful as this one, and at this incredible price! It is a great choice, whichever way you look at it.

Samsung Crystal UHD 43 pulgadas

This model offers Cyrstal UHD technology, capable of reproducing more than a billion colors with great purity. In addition, its processor guarantees a high dynamic range. To this we must add HDR 10+ technology with which the deepest blacks are appreciated. The level of detail that is achieved in each scene is sublime.

By having Tizen as your operating system, you will have a large number of applications at your disposal. As an added note, you should know what Tapview offers: by touching your television from your smartphone, you can quickly duplicate the latter’s screen. Its price is usually around €500 , but from time to time very juicy offers come out that could interest you. So don’t miss out on opportunities!

A Philips TV with HDR image: our favourite!

We come to one of the best Android TVs you’ll find on the market, this Philips with LED technology. This Smart TV offers 4K with Ambilight, an incredible vibrant HDR picture and Atmos sound. This is the most powerful combination you will find in this ranking.

Philips con Android tV

Although it is true that its price is somewhat higher, this is fully justified thanks to its features. To these, which we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, we must add a completely flat design that will make it fit in any room. Without a doubt, our favorite device on the entire list. And it includes the latest version of Android TV!

It has HDMI, USB and Ethernet devices, for those functions that require a better internet connection. Of course, it also includes WiFi. Although it usually costs more than €500, sometimes you can find it at a much lower price.

Our latest Smart TV: Samsung QLED 4K

QLED 4K technology is one of the most sought after today, since it is the one that best allows you to appreciate every detail on the screen. This Samsung Smart TV has it. In addition, its price is not so high, especially if you take advantage of the offers that usually appear on Amazon.

Samsung Smart TV QLED 4K

Again, it has Tizen , as is typical of Samsung televisions. But the technological innovations it brings with it are superior. First of all, its processor transforms and improves both sound and image quality. To this we must add that it has Quantum HDR10 +, with an option to divide the television into different screens and with integrated voice assistants. It is a real gem! Of course, its price without discounts is close to €800 .

Our recommendation: Philips

All of the televisions we have shown today are of exceptional quality and would work great in our living room. But if we had to keep only one, it would be with the Philips brand. Not only does it have 4K with Ambilight, but it also boasts an incredible HDR picture. And it has Android TV ! A huge number of applications can be downloaded on it.