Choosing the perfect Smart TV can be very simple

Who does not have a Smart TV in their home today? Few are left without smart televisions in their homes, since they have discovered the incredible advantages that these can bring. If you are one of them, or if you have to renew yours, continue reading! We are going to reveal all the keys to succeed with your purchase.

We all know what a smart TV is, and we even know some models that have caught our attention. But would we know how to choose the Smart TV that suits us best depending on our situation? This is a much more complex issue!

the perfect Smart TV can be very simple

At Topes de Gama we want to make it easier for you than ever. That’s why we’ve created this smart TV buying guide. Our goal is for you to know how to choose the TV that suits you best, and not spend money in vain!

What should a good Smart TV have?

If you don’t know exactly what a smart TV should have to be considered good quality , don’t worry. We are talking about complex devices that we can use for very different things, so it is logical to have doubts.

Smart TV

Let’s see, first, the basic parameters that you should see before launching to buy:

  • The first thing to analyze when purchasing a Smart TV is the resolution it offers. Nowadays, going down from 4K is not worth it. Although it is true that there are very affordable models that offer Full HD, little by little they will go down in history. It will also depend on the size of the television, something that we will focus on below.
  • Along with this, it is important to see that it supports HDR content. The most widely used HDR standard today is Dolby Vision but it works under license. That is why you will also find manufacturers that bet on free solutions, such as HDR10 . The quality offered by Dolby Vision is much higher, but the price is also higher, so the final decision will depend on this.
  • As for the sound , the ideal is that it has an output power of no less than 20 W. In addition, it is interesting that it has DTS technologies , but it is not essential.
  • Regarding the processor , and without getting too technical, it is important that it has a minimum of four cores . In this way, a more than sufficient fluidity is guaranteed.
  • The connectivity section is one that you should analyze slowly. First of all, you need to be able to have both WiFi and Bluetooth . It would also be interesting if it had an Ethernet port so you could get higher speed if you need it. As for ports, you should have at least three HDMI and a couple of USB devices. So you can connect your Smart TV to different devices whenever you want.
  • Do you know Ambilight technology? Not all TVs bring it, but it is impressive on a visual level. It is a system developed by Philips that illuminates the back of Smart TVs with a series of LED lights. These are illuminated according to the images, achieving a totally different environment.
  • Going into a point a little more related to design and aesthetics, it is important that you choose a TV that fits in with your living room. It is usually prioritized that they have minimalist lines and, above all, that they allow you to hang them on the wall whenever you need it. To do this, they must be able to fit with the different wall brackets.
  • Price is also a relevant factor that you should consider individually. In addition, it is closely related to the rest of the parameters. The more you ask of your TV, the more likely its price will go up.

Size, thickness and type of panel: very important!

Let us now go on to analyze some of the most relevant parameters of a Smart TV and which, precisely for this reason, deserve a special section. We are talking about both the size and thickness of the screen and the type of panel .

Starting with the type of panel , you should know that you will find panels of different classes:

    • LCD – Until recently, these were the most common. However, they are quite outdated. They were made up of a number of colored pixels that are positioned in front of a light source.
    • LED : it is a more recent technology, and that allows to work with the backlight of the LEDs to achieve a better image quality. If you don’t want to spend too much, they are a great alternative.
    • OLED : This type of panel is found mainly in high-end televisions, since they offer great quality. For each pixel there is a diode that emits light, thus achieving greater quality and color. They are the most recommended for their quality-price ratio. In addition, they are the most recommended for gamers due to their low latency.
    • QLED : These screens were specifically launched by Samsung to compete with the previous ones. They offer better performance, but they also go up in price.
    • NanoCell : they are LCD panels but much more advanced, typical of the LG firm.

Of course, together with the type of panel, it is essential to know what size you should choose your television. This is a very personal decision and one that you should assess taking into account where you are going to put the television, for example. Does a 65-inch TV fit in your living room cabinet? Then go get her!

There are many different sizes of Smart TV, although the most common are 50 and 55 inches. You will also find the 43 inches for smaller rooms. We do not recommend going below that measurement, or going for 32 inches, unless the situation so advises. For example, if the TV is for a bedroom or for the kitchen. Likewise, we also don’t recommend TVs larger than 65 inches unless the room is really big.

Moving on to thickness , you should know that the thinnest televisions usually have an OLED panel. This is because they do not need an additional light panel to provide greater light and, therefore, their technology allows them to be lighter and thinner. Opting for a TV like this can save you a lot of space in your home.

The operating system of your Smart TV

Finally, something you should take into account before going on to see specific Smart TV models is the operating system you are looking for on your TV. The most famous are the following:

  • Android TV is the best known, and one of the most used. The great advantage it has over the rest is that its app store is one of the most complete. Also, you will be able to enjoy systems like Kodi . With it, you will be able to play all kinds of content and have access to additional tools . What’s more, it will make you get much more out of your television.
  • Tizen is Samsung’s operating system, very intuitive and easy to use.
  • WebOS is what you will find on LG televisions. Its main advantage is that it is quite light.

There are more operating systems, but the ones we recommend are these. Above all, Android TV . It is the most versatile and the one that will allow you the most options in the long term. So much so that you can even transform your TV into a retro console . It also allows you to work with virtual assistants like Alexa to be able to choose content with voice commands. Much easier!

The most affordable and powerful Smart TVs

We now know what to look for in a Smart TV to get the best on the market! Now, we are going to see some of the models that we recommend from Topes de Gama. We have looked for variety both in size and in operating systems and other specifications. In this way, you will be able to choose from a great diversity the one that best suits you.

32-inch ChiQ: the most affordable

  • Size : 32 inches (80 cm).
  • Resolution : HD.
  • Panel type : LED.
  • Operating system : AndroidTV 11.

This ChiQ Smart TV is one of the most affordable you will find on the market. Due to its size, it is perfect to place as a secondary TV in any room. In addition, it has the advantage that its operating system will allow you to download a large number of applications. And even play with it!

ChiQ 32 pulgadas

It has HDR10 technology, with which you can see all the streaming content you want from the most recognized applications. The audio will not be a problem either, since it has multilayer sound .

If you are one to use voice commands, you should know that it is compatible with Google Assistant . In terms of connectivity, it has both WiFi and Bluetooth connection. In this way, you can even connect peripherals such as mice or keyboards to give the TV greater versatility.

Without a doubt, it is a very complete TV, especially considering that its price is always below €200 . If you want a secondary television for your children to play video games, or for you to play, it is perfect.

A Hisense with Alexa integrated

  • Size : 43 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : LED.
  • Operating system : VIDAA.

Hisense is one of those brands that never disappoints when you trust them. Especially if you are looking for a Smart TV with good features and at a fairly low price . The main advantage of this model is that it is fully compatible with Alexa , thus allowing you to use it through voice commands.

Hisense 43 pulgadas Smart TV

What you should not ignore when getting this television is that it has a different operating system from the majority, called VIDAA . Despite everything, it will allow you to download the most used applications such as Netflix or Prime Video.

The connectivity options it offers are quite good, since it has bluetooth and an Ethernet cable. In addition, it has HDMI and USB ports so you don’t have any connection problems in this regard. It incorporates a table stand so you can easily attach it anywhere.

Both image and sound quality are guaranteed, as well as compatibility with DTS Studio Sound and HDR. As other peculiarities, it should be noted that it has an adaptive brightness system known as Ultra Dimming and that it works with intelligent scaling. In this way, you always get the best image quality.

50-inch LG with HDR10 Pro

  • Size : 50 inches (126 cm).
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : LED
  • Operating system : webOS 6.0.

As a good LG Smart TV, we find that it has the webOS 6.0 operating system. This is one of the fastest you will find on the market, so this is a plus point. Another noteworthy feature is that, thanks to its 50 inches , you can watch TV from anywhere in your living room.

LG UHD Smart TV 50 pulgadas

It is fully compatible with HDR formats such as HDR10, HDR HLG and HDR GIG. In addition, it offers a unique sound quality thanks to its Al Sound & Virtual Surround processor. Along with this, it should be noted that it has a powerful 4K Quad Core image processor capable of even reducing image noise.

Connectivity will never be a problem since it has WiFi, bluetooth, two HDMI ports and a USB 2.0 port. Plus, it has Alexa built in so you can use voice commands.

The price is around €400, depending on the offers you can find at the moment. It is quite affordable if we take into account its size, since the larger the screen, the more the cost tends to increase.

TCL: 50 inches, 4K and compatible with Google Assistant

  • Size : 50 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : LED.
  • Operating system : AndroidTV.

Again, another Android TV ! You will enjoy more than ever all the apps that this operating system can offer you thanks to its 4K resolution and its 50-inch size. In addition, it is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa , to make your life much easier.

TCL 50 pulgadas

It is compatible with HDR content and also has Smart HDR. This implies that standard content will gain image quality thanks to its processor. Add Micro Dimming Pro technology and you get the answer to why your blacks are so black and your colors so vivid. The sound will never be a problem either, since it has Dolby Audio .

As a differentiating point, it should be noted that you can mount it on the wall since it is compatible with VESA. In this way, you will be the one who chooses exactly where to place your Smart TV. The design is so slim that it will always go unnoticed!

The price is around €400 , depending on the offer you manage to find.

We go to the high range: quality Smart TV

None of the Smart TVs that we have seen so far convince you? Don’t worry, we have some high-end ones that you might love. Let yourself be conquered by them!

Samsung The Frame QLED: bring art into your home

  • Size : 43 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : QLED.
  • Operating system : Tizen.

We start with Samsung Smart TVs through the front door: with a model from the The Frame line. They are televisions capable of going through pictures once you hang them on the wall, and that will become the central object of your living room. In addition, its specifications are worthy of the highest range.

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

The first thing you should know is that it is available in a large number of sizes , but they all start from the same idea: to unite TV and art. It has a QLED panel of the best quality, with Artificial Intelligence capable of improving both images and sound.

In addition, it has HDR10 + and Quantum Dot technology. In this way, it highlights contrast and details while acquiring the highest possible brightness.

One of the most striking points of this TV is that it has an option called an art gallery to transform your room into an exhibition. Added to this is One Connect technology, which makes cables practically disappear, and an extremely slim wall mount. Without a doubt, a unique experience!

Samsung QLED 4K 50-inch

  • Size : 50 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : QLED.
  • Operating system : Tizen.

We continue with Samsung, although now we take the step to 50 inches. Of course: the type of panel is maintained, since the QLED is characteristic of this firm. This particular TV has Alexa fully integrated.

Samsung QLED 4K 50 pulgadas

It has Quantum dot technology to ensure that the color volume is always maintained at 100% regardless of the brightness level you choose. In addition, thanks to the processor with Artificial Intelligence , it always ensures that all images are seen in 4K.

One of the differentiating features of this television is that it has intelligent sound , capable of adapting to the types of scenes. And it even has multiview ! This will allow you to see the screen of your smartphone on the TV, even if it is playing content.

It is compatible with HDR10 +, and has ambient mode . This will make it possible for you to personalize your television with your photos and with your music. The price is around €600.

Philips and Ambilight technology: 65 inches

  • Size : 75 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : LED.
  • Operating system : AndroidTV.

Do you like big Smart TVs ? This Philips , with its 65 inches, is just what you were looking for. As you would expect from a screen of this size, it offers 4K resolution.

Philips 65 pulgadas Smart TV Ambilight

It is fully compatible with HDR and Dolby Sound, with which the user experience you will have when watching movies or series will be outstanding. In addition, to this we must add the Ambilight technology that we mentioned earlier. The LED lights that surround the screen will make you feel part of what you are seeing.

It is completely flat, thus allowing you to adapt it to any wall and make it fit completely into your decoration. Without a doubt, a high quality TV for which it is worth paying what it costs. Its price is always around €600.

The largest Smart TV: Philips and its 75 inches

  • Size : 75 inches.
  • Resolution : 4K.
  • Panel type : LED.
  • Operating system : AndroidTV.

If the previous Smart TVs weren’t enough for you, this 75-inch Philips certainly will. Remember that you must have a large enough room to be able to grant it the place it deserves, presiding over your home! Because this is a TV of the highest range, with incredible features .

Phlips Smart TV 75 pulgadas

Like a good Philips, it offers Ambilight technology. This combines perfectly with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos , giving you the feeling of living inside any movie.

Connectivity is guaranteed, since it has HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB ports. And it even has an Ethernet port in case you need more speed at some point.

Although it is true that it exceeds €1,000 , it is a Smart TV that will offer you a cinematographic experience. One of those devices that will make you never consider the possibility of getting a movie projector again.

Our favourite: The Frame

If we could only choose one of the Smart TVs that we have seen, it would be with the Samsung The Frame model. It is a completely innovative way of conceiving what a television should be like, combining unbeatable features with a unique design.

In addition, the fact that it is available in different sizes makes it possible for you to choose the one that best suits your living room.