It’s just a concept, but how beautiful the iPhone 12 looks in this video

September, this is the key month in which all Apple fans - and also many who aren't - are marked on their calendar. In this ninth month of the year it is in which the Californian brand usually presents its new flagships: the iPhone. Keeping this in mind, and except for a capital surprise, it would take just under 10 months to see the hypothetical iPhone 12, or as it finally ended up calling.

However, we are already witnessing how the rumors, the alleged leaks and all kinds of information revolve around this device. Next, we highlight an iPhone 12 concept that, without having any guarantee that it will be official, looks great on a phone that many are looking forward to.

Will Apple take note for the design of the iPhone 12?

It is clear that a company like Apple always tries to go further and surprise the public. Although the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are recent, the company is already working on the next generation. Although designers tend to be clear about their objective, it is still true that they occasionally appear to see what users expect. We do not know if we will end up seeing Apple taking note of the concept we see in the following video, but of course more than one would like it to be.

This video, which must be given the credits to the Concepts iPhone channel, is shown as if it were a promotion of the same Apple. They have been based on different rumors such as that the edges of the iPhone will resemble those of the iPhone 5 and the iPad Pro 2018, these being much more rounded. Rumors are also present in the quadruple camera, making us see how the company would end up incorporating the famous ToF sensor that would greatly improve our photographs.

For everything else we are facing a phone that, without neglecting the author's work, seems more unreal than we would like. A full screen front and without any notch is what many would expect, however it seems almost ruled out that Apple is able to integrate the camera and Face ID sensors under the screen. It is a technology that over the years could end up coming, but we believe that it takes many years of research and development so that we could see it already in 2020.

In any case, it seems to us a very interesting video in which a great current of users is reflected, since similar expectations are observed in various forums and social networks. We will have to continue waiting for new information about the future iPhone of 2020, although for the moment we are satisfied with this type of videos in which, for better or worse, there is much more fiction than reality.

And what do you think about this concept of iPhone 12? Do you think we will end up seeing something similar? How would you like it to be? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.