The ideal devices for your WiFi to go far way

Are you struggling with weak Wi-Fi signal in certain areas of your home? It’s a common issue where your router fails to reach the desired locations for device connectivity. Whether it’s a computer, television, or mobile phone in a room at the far end of your house, you may experience connectivity problems such as weak signal strength, frequent disconnections, or slower speeds. In this article, we will guide you on how to extend your Wi-Fi connection throughout your home, ensuring reliable and strong connectivity even in the farthest corners.

Use PLC devices to take Wi-Fi far

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If you’re facing difficulties with wireless repeaters that fail to provide adequate coverage, especially in distant areas, there is an alternative solution: PLC devices. These devices enable you to extend your internet connection further throughout your home. They work by utilizing your electrical wiring system. You’ll need two PLC devices that are connected to each other—one connected to your router and a wall socket, and the other placed in a desired location in your house.

By using PLC devices, you can bypass the limitations of Wi-Fi repeaters and significantly enhance the signal quality. This solution is perfect for extending the internet to rooms located far away or even to different floors of your house.

PLC devices are user-friendly, and there are numerous models available in the market. It’s essential to choose a reliable and high-quality option, ensuring a fast and stable connection. Proper placement of the PLC devices is also crucial for optimal performance.

Avoid putting near PLC devices

Different types of PLC devices

It’s important to consider the various models available when choosing PLC devices. Some models offer Wi-Fi connectivity only, while others provide Ethernet port connectivity, and there are models that offer both options. The ones with both options are particularly useful as they allow you to connect devices wirelessly or via cable.

Additionally, it’s crucial to look at the speed capabilities of the PLC devices. Ideally, they should support dual-band functionality and offer reliable speeds for both wired and wireless connections. It’s worth noting if the devices include a Gigabit Ethernet port, which ensures support for speeds up to 1 Gbps rather than being limited to 100 Mbps.

The quality of the devices is another important factor to consider. Take the time to research and review different models, paying attention to feedback and ratings from other users who have previously purchased them. It’s essential to choose a reliable device that ensures a strong internet connection, high-speed performance, and wide coverage. Therefore, make your selection wisely.

In summary, using PLC devices is an excellent option to extend your internet connection throughout your home. These devices enable you to connect devices from different areas of your house by utilizing the electrical network. They are highly convenient and provide a practical solution for expanding your network coverage.