The Google Pixel 8 will be much faster and more powerful: a whole gaming mobile?

The new rumors about the Google Pixel 8 make us think that they will be much more powerful and faster than we imagine today, far surpassing their predecessors and with features that will lead us to a spectacular user and gaming experience even for users. More demanding.

As we have been able to learn, we will find a great leap in power in the brand’s new flagships thanks to its new Google Tensor G3 processor. Samsung will contribute to all this, since they are expected to build the new Tensor G3 chipset for the Pixel 8 series, as previously mentioned.

Google Pixel 8

They will be more powerful thanks to their top processor

The new information shows us details about the progress of production . In this, we can see that the new Google models are going to be much better, something they needed, since the Pixel 7 have not offered great improvements in performance and battery. To this day, the Samsung and Xioami models far exceed them.

The new processor of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, since both will use the same one as it could not be less, comes with many significant improvements in system performance and efficiency . Experts say that it will offer significantly closer performance to other flagship smartphones that are much more expensive.

Google pixel 6 pro oferta

Its manufacturing process will take 3 nm instead of 5 nm, so it will be more advanced than the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It has been in development for a few months and has appeared with the code S5P9865 manufactured by Samsung. It’s been rumored for a long time that it’s based on the Exynos 2300. It’s likely to be accompanied by a massive 12GB of RAM , which will make the new Google Pixels incredibly more powerful and help them compete head-to-head with the best smartphones out there.

Taking into account the base of the Samsung chipset and the Google chips and optimizations, a Tensor processor only present in Google mobiles is achieved and this year it will be much more powerful. Let’s hope they improve their previous battery problems and offer us a unique user experience with greater energy efficiency.

When older, they could also compete hard with iPhone with satellite communications for calls in places without coverage, among other innovations that we expect in these models.

Although there is no official confirmation, it will be much better

Google has focused on a very good seamless interaction of hardware and software. Now it has to take a big leap in performance and battery optimization, and we hope that they will do so in the new Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. It seems that it is on the right track, although we will have to wait for official confirmation to learn more about the new smartphones of Google and if finally its new models that it will present this year are as powerful as we imagine today.

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In any case, the information that has come to us to this day makes us think that the new Google Pixel will be much better than before and will become a great ally for games or high-demand tasks. To this would be added improvements to its screen and, without any details in this regard, a battery and faster charging. Everything indicates that they will not disappoint us. We are looking forward to learning more.