The funniest Minecraft videos

Like it more or less for its aesthetics, what is undeniable is that Minecraft is one of the creation games with the most possibilities in the world. Mojang’s title incorporates an increasingly extensive level editor in which the limit seems to be only your imagination and originality. This works both ways, sometimes giving us some of the most hilarious moments, including trolling, memes, fails, and many more hilarious situations.

The originality of the creators of Minecraft is enviable. They can transport us to authentic paradises created from cubic blocks of different materials. Everything seems idyllic until you meet an enemy at the most opportune moment, you haven’t unequipped a sword while petting your pet or you fall into the void by mistake, taking a hot shower of lava. Today we are going to share with you a series of the funniest moments at the expense of all those players who failed in the attempt in pursuit of the humor of the rest.

The funniest Minecraft videos

Medley of funny moments in Minecraft

This compilation includes some moments that will make you smile even if you are new to the game. It includes several different scenes, with cases such as a puppy sent to the lava by mistake, the creeper that appears at the least opportune moment to exploit hours of work in the creation of your house or the trolling that can happen to you if you stay 20 minutes AFK ( away from keyboard or just idle) in a multiplayer game.

If you don’t know much about Minecraft, this video will help you lay the groundwork on the main dangers that you can find (and not only within the game itself, but also because of the thug community).

Reactions captured live

The world of streaming is booming and more and more gamers are deciding to broadcast their games live, with Minecraft being one of the most popular games on platforms like Twitch.

The advantage of this is that it allows us to see the reactions of many of these content creators to experiencing the most unlikely or frustrating situations firsthand, with a wide variety of ways of taking it: hitting the keyboard on the desk, screaming or burst out laughing.

50 fails for the price of one

This compilation encompasses all kinds of bizarre situations within the game, the kind that will make you laugh for a while… until you feel a little sorry for empathy with such mistakes made by its players, either due to video game errors and glitches, or oversights and others.

It even shows off some crazy Minecraft experiments and other weirdly satisfying moments, giving a good range of

Squid Games Twitch

Recently, a hack to Andorra Telecom deprived streamers and youtubers from the neighboring country of being able to win the jackpot that was at stake in a Minecraft mod for the Netflix series The Squid Game.

While these forced deaths from network outages may not be all that hilarious, a compilation of how some of the internet’s most popular content creators failed along with their reactions is sure to make you smile mischievously.

funniest funeral

We said before that those who fell in combat due to the fall of Andorra Telecom had not been very funny deaths within the game. We lied.

To pay tribute to the virtual fallen, and by way of the purest trolling, the survivors organized a funeral in which they paid their respects (or rather disrespect).