The browser you should use if you want to play in streaming

Unfortunately, subscription platforms have become something more and more present in everyday life. While streaming music and video platforms do not offer us any financial savings, we are going to find this on the different video game platforms through a streaming browser, especially among those that allow us to enjoy games without the need for buy them.

If we want to enter the world of video games on PC and we want to enjoy the highest possible quality, the investment we must make is a team that far exceeds 1,000 euros. If, in addition, we want to broadcast the games on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, if we do not want to have performance problems, the solution is to buy two computers, which means twice the cost.

The browser you should use if you want to play in streaming

To the initial investment, we must add the cost of upgrading the equipment, either by expanding the storage unit, adding more RAM or replacing it with faster models, without forgetting to update both the processor and the graphics card, one of the components most expensive of any computer equipment oriented to the world of video games.

Best browser to play streaming

Currently, we find three platforms that allow us to play streaming from any device using a browser: Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Microsoft‘s Xbox Cloud Gaming. Nowadays, most of the most popular and widely used browsers like Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox and Opera allow users to stream their gaming platforms.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

However, each platform sweeps for its own house. In other words, just like the Google Docs, Photos and Drive platforms work much faster and more efficiently using Chrome, OneDrive via the web will always work better using Edge than Chrome, even though both browsers share the same base. The same applies to both Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Nvidia’s GeForce Now, since it has no browser associated with it, theoretically works just as well in Chrome and Edge Chromium as it does in Firefox and Opera.

Enjoy the highest quality

Once we are clear that the browser is not a problem when it comes to enjoying streaming game platforms, we must take into account the bandwidth and type of connection that these platforms need, since it is the only reason why we will be able to enjoy the games of the streaming video game platforms in a fluid way.

To play in 1080p quality, our internet connection speed must be at least 10 Mbps. Most internet connections use fiber, connection offers connection speeds greater than 1 Gbps, so if we have fiber we should not worry.

If, on the other hand, our connection is ADLS, we can forget about enjoying this type of platform, since they are not capable of maintaining a stable connection speed. Also, if any member of our family uses the same connection, the bandwidth bank is drastically reduced.

To play in 4K quality, our internet connection requirements are the same as any other streaming video platform: 40 Mbps.