If you like this type of music, this is how you should configure VLC

At this point, nobody can deny that VLC is the best multimedia player available on the market, a player that is also completely free and compatible with all current and old formats (and those to come in the future). Although it is not the only one, since we can find interesting alternatives on the market, however, if we use it to listen to techno music, for example, it is advisable to make a series of adjustments to enjoy the best possible quality.

We will be able to enjoy the best possible quality as long as the audio has a minimum quality , since we cannot ask for pears from the elm. If, for example, we have a low resolution image and we want to edit it with Photoshop, the task is very complicated since we are not going to have access to a clear image with which we can work.

how you should configure VLC

Configure VLC equalizer

Unlike other applications that focus solely on playing music and integrate complete equalizers, the number of options in VLC is smaller and we will find the same options as in other applications, however, for most users they are more than Sufficient and cover all needs.

To access the VLC equalizer , once we have opened the playlist with the techno music we want to listen to, we go to the top menu bar and click on Tools and then on Effects and filters. The section that interests us is the Audio Effects tab.

Within this section, we find 5 more tabs: Equalizer, Compressor, Spatializer, Stereo Expander and Advanced. Click on Equalizer, check the Enable box and go to Presets to click on the drop-down box and select the type of music we want to equalize, which, in this case, is Techno.

Ajutes VLC Techno

In addition to Techno, we also find a large number of presets for other types of music (Rock, Classical, All Bass, All Bass and Treble, Dance, Club, Reague, for use with headphones, in large spaces and much more). Finally, click on Save.

Next, we click on the rest of the tabs: Compressor, Spatializer, Stereo Expander and Advanced to also enable the operation of these functions , if after activating the default settings for Techno music they do not fully satisfy our needs.

All these tabs allow you to adjust the values independently, values that as we modify them, will modify the playback in real time.

If, in this way, we do not cover our needs, we can activate the 10-band equalizer and in addition to other settings from the Advanced Preferences panel, which we access from the Tools> Preferences menu and selecting the Audio option. In the lower left part of that window, in Show settings, click on Advanced. Next, click on Audio > Filters to enable the new equalizer.

Preferencias audio VLC

Once we close the application, the adjustment we have made will be lost . In this way, when we play other types of music or videos, the equalizer will not be using the Tecno profile to play the content. Fortunately, configuring the app to make this setting only takes a few seconds.